Monday, 14 January 2013

Titles Really Suck.

Seriously, I hate thinking up names for these blog posts. I can't say something directly related to my post, cause that tales all of the mystery out of the situation. And I can never thinking of anything else. Like, ever. Read my blog post titles. They suck. Really.

Anyway, I have been writing, I have some more of New World for you. Just as a warning, there is some zombie jargon in this next part.


I haven't yet managed to write more of my SP fanfic, but it will get done. I have also written some more HP/Victorious, but seeing as no one here other than Lu, Val, Rim and Zath will understand any of my well placed references, I really don't see the point in posting it here. (Please feel free to ask me to post here. I will if anyone shows any interest, cause it IS being written.)

I'm also going to take this opportunity to ask you guys of a favour. I am damn, freaking determined to finish New World. I will finish it, even if it kills me. So, if I EVER say I'm giving up on it, you must PROMISE to make me keep going. Bombard me with e-mails. Comment until the cows come home. Spam my Skype. I don't care. Just make sure I don't quit. 

I don't care if I have to rewrite the bloody thing a THOUSAND times, I WILL finish it! I WILL!


And with that;

‘That, is an AK47. Be careful with it.’ He said. I nodded.

Soon enough, Tim had told us the basic plan and location of the compound, and a few ground rules.
‘Don’t run unless they run, don’t jump unless they jump, in fact, don’t do anything unless they do it first.’ He told us as he did a final check through the rooms.
‘Why?’ Cody asked. Tim had halted suddenly, nearly making Cody crash into him. We all took a subtle step back when Tim faced us, looking more serious than he had since we met up with him. Which was a feat in itself.
‘They learn.’ He said, simply. ‘Every single thing an Infected sees you do, it copies. The only thing the infection knows is to bite and to learn. And if one Infected learns, they all learn.’ He started to flick the lights off.  ‘If you were wondering, the only way to contract the virus is to breath in a certain concentrated amount of it, or to be bitten by someone who has already contracted it. But the infection itself is equipped with a sort of neural-relay thing. Too complicated for you to understand. Once a person is infected, their minds get stripped of everything. Memories, emotions, even how to use their own bodies. This, in turn, allows the infected mind to be connected to every other Infected’s mind. So, when one of them learns something, it only takes a few seconds for all of them to know. So, don’t do anything until they do it first. For example, if one starts to run at you, sprint.’ He nodded as he made his way to the entrance. ‘Of course, there are limitations. An Infected can only run as fast and swim as well as the body allows it. Part of the virus causes rot, as you’ve noticed, which would be detrimental to anyone.’ He stood by the door and though for a long moment. ‘On top of that, it destroys the nervous system. A zombie standing in an inferno won’t know it’s burning, or that it should move. This is probably more bad than good, though, because that means if it loses an arm, it’ll keep going. Aim for the head. Destroy the brain. Or the spinal column, but that's harder.’ Tim looks at us. ‘In conclusion, don’t do anything an Infected doesn’t do first, destroy the brain, and you had better have being paying attention, because I don’t intend to say that again.’

Tim wasn't so well-equipped with melee weapons, which meant the others were down to metal bats and knives. In short, we were a group of teenagers facing a situation we never knew we’d need to be ready for, and close to no experience defending ourselves. Ross had fired a pistol before, earning him the Magnum he had been gripping tightly. He also had an axe strapped to his back. Kaley had a crowbar, and she’d also been learning Krav Maga for a while. Lia had a metal bat, cause she used to play softball. Cody had a pair of knives, because he was easily the most mature out of us. Tim was equipped with an Assault Rifle, and he had a shotgun strapped to his back. I had the AK47 and nightstick hung through the loops of my jeans.
‘The route we’re taking goes past my house. I have to check on my sister. I don’t care what you say, I have to make sure that she’s okay.’ Ross said. Tim looked at him for a long moment. Ross matched his gaze intensely, which left the rest of us standing in the awkward silence. Eventually Tim blinked.
‘Fine. But we don’t hang around for more time than necessary. Do you have a key?’
‘Yeah.’ Ross replied.
‘Then you unlock the door, you go in, split up and then meet back at the front door in no more than two minutes. If you see an Infected, do not engage unless it comes at you. If you spot a living, breathing girl, coax her out. Check for bite marks and report back. I will wait outside and prevent any from coming in. Let’s go.’ Tim opened the door and walked out of the room. Kaley was directly behind him, followed by Cody, then Lia in the middle, then Ross, and then I brought up the rear. Once we had left the hallway, we emerged into the sunlight, which definitely took me by surprise. I squinted and scanned the area, but there were only two or three zombies in sight. We walked through the amusement park, barely a word passed between us. Tim lead us along, never stopping, never slowing. Not a single zombie noticed us, let alone attack us.
‘The infection didn’t occur too long ago.’ Tim thought aloud, ‘They haven’t gotten hungry yet.’
‘They have to eat?’ Kaley asked.
‘Yes. They need fuel, but not air.’
‘Wait, are they alive or dead?' Lia asked.

Eventually we reached my street, and I could tell from Ross’s behavior that it was all he could do to not run to his house. We passed mine and I lingered slightly to look at it. It was exactly the same as I had left it that morning. No disturbance. Nothing that could let me know of what had happened. Kaley doubled back to stand next to me.
‘We have to keep going.’ She said quietly.
‘I know.’ I murmured. We walked back to where the rest of the group was waiting.
‘Remember what I said before. Don’t linger in there. You have two minutes exactly from when the door opens. If you aren’t back by then, I’m coming in.’ Tim ordered. I nodded and Ross unlocked the front door to his house. He walked in first and we followed. We stopped in a circle.
‘Ross, you search the living and dining rooms. I’ll search the kitchen and games room. Lia, Kaley, Cody, you split up the bedrooms and upstairs bathroom. Go.’ I instructed. I walked into the kitchen with my hand on the handle of the nightstick, and my gun lowered. I checked in all the cabinets and swiftly made my way into the games room. I checked my watch and noticed that I had only thirty more seconds. I walked back into the hallway as the others came down the stairs.
‘You go out, I’ll find Ross.’ I said. They walked out and I went into the living room. I saw a shadow in the corner and realized that Ross had found Katie. But he was backed up into the corner and she was, well, not all there. I took the Nightstick out and was about to run up behind her when I remembered that I couldn’t. I walked up and slammed the stick down on the back of her head. She turned around and moaned at me. I stepped back and slammed it down on the front of her head, then the side, and then the front again. I paused for a second and she dropped to the ground. I glanced at Ross, who was staring at me like I was out of my mind. I took the handgun from him and shot at Katie’s rotten, beaten head. I gave him the gun back and grabbed his wrist and dragged him out of the house.
‘I heard a gunshot. Was it necessary?’ Tim asked.
‘I dunno, I didn’t really have time to pull the axe off of his back and I didn’t want to waste any of my own bullets.’ I snarled. They all looked at me.
‘The girl was already gone. Ross was never going to be able to pull a gun or an axe on her, and I’m really quite fond of the idea of him alive, aren’t you?’ There was a long moment of silence.
‘You killed my sister.’ Ross said quietly.
‘She was gone.’
‘You don’t know that.’ Ross said. I faced him and glared.
‘I’m sorry, but I think you’re forgetting something here. You aren’t the only one who’s lost family; you’re just the only one to insist on checking upon family members even though you know there's no point. Now look me in the eye and tell me she wasn’t a zombie. I dare you.’ His eyes flickered with rage and surprise. I maintained my glare and eventually Ross backed down.
‘You’re right.’ He looked at the ground. I nodded and Tim started walking again.
‘I sincerely hope none of you ran. Just cause you couldn’t see a Z doesn’t mean they couldn’t see you.’ Right as he said this, one of the zombies moaned and started to run at us lopsidedly. We all stopped, the creature was most of a block away, but it was slowly figuring out what it was doing, and it was getting faster.
‘Shit, run!’ Tim said, breaking into a sprint. Without hesitation we ran after him. He turned left and we all skidded around the corner after him.



  1. Yay for more New World!

    And I'll make sure to force you to continue, as best I can.

  2. Coolio!

    Also, can I spam your Skype just because I can? *tries to look innocent and pretends I don't do that already*


    Good stuff, ol' Sparks. I look forward to the next Chapter-thingy.

  4. *mumbles*
    Sorry would probably have read this sooner if I wasn't so caught up on MC posts... Not like, caught up reading but trying to read them all...
    *clears throat*
    Yay! New World! I will also try to keep you going on it!

    I like the HP/ Victorious fanfic... Even if I don't know the references... But I'm fine if you don't want to post them. :)

  5. Some New New World!! Yay! Zombie filled awesomeness as awesome!!
    I'm sure I'll bombard your skype and email anyways, dude.