Friday, 18 January 2013

Writing is HARD...

I know most of you will understand what I'm talking about, but my WORD it's hard sometimes. Sometimes you get that perfect flow where the words are practically flying out of your head, and other times every single sentence you write simply looks wrong. And you sit there, tearing at your hair and grinding your teeth, trying to figure out what the flying flute is wrong with that goddamned sentence. Because you change it, and edit it and flip words around and it's still sitting there, glaring at you screaming 'I am your terrible grammar incarnate. Hate me.'

Okay, so, I could be overreacting here, but it just drives me MAD. Completely up-the-wall, psycho, bonkers, mental-crazy.

Or other times, where you have this BRILLIANT idea for a plot twist and you sit down at your laptop/computer/notebook and one of two things happens. Either you have completely forgotten what the idea was- all except the detail of it being simply mind-blowingly twisty and such. OR the idea is right at the front of your head and you can't find the right freaking words to put your idea onto paper.


That was all.


  1. This post is just so true.


  2. Same thing with any kind of creative art. It's like you can't force your brain to open up. "I guess it's half timing and the other half's luck."

  3. I hate that! It's so FRUSTRATING!

    *hasn't written in a month*

  4. I haven't even gotten anywhere with a story, because they are all stupid, so I totally agree.