Thursday, 24 January 2013

A Question.

One, simple question.

Do any of you think that- with the aids of time travel- it would be possible to be your own mother?

Before any of you start calling the men with the nice, pretty straight jacket, the question was inspired by panel seven of this comic:

So. That leaves the question. Aided by time travel, is it possible to give birth to yourself?


  1. I think that Time Travel is impossible, because the very fact that you've gone back in time means it's already happened, so you can't change anything but if you do change it, I don't know if it happens or not. IT MAKES NO SENSE

    1. Theoretically time travel is possible. Theoretically.

      I would go by the idea that if you change something then you create a different reality with that change in it. Otherwise it's already happened.

      That's my logic anyway.

  2. That's tricky.
    Technically I'd say you and your mother being the same person is a paradox. But when it come to time travel paradoxes are easy to create.
    It's kind of like Blink. The Doctor only knew how to set up Sally's situation because Sally gave him the information. It doesn't make any sense; but it works.

    So I say: why the hell not?

  3. Time travel is theoretically possible, but only forwards in time. Going backwards in time is utterly impossible.

    Even if it was though, I couldn't give birth to myself, for I am a male.

    Even if I was a female though, this is one of the many paradoxes that have so many alternate ways for it to transpire that nothing makes sense anymore. So no.

  4. of course time travel is possible how else does the doctor get around

  5. But no seriously, just recently scientists have come so far as to teleport light particles and record brain waves so soon we'll actually be able to record and view our own dreams. Like let that shit sink in.

    I think the fact that the idea was proposed leads to it being possible. I mean, according to the multiverse theory everything you've ever thought of exists somewhere.

    Think about that.

    Some people may ask "well hey, if they do create time travel in the future, why don't they bring it to us now?"

    Well probably because that would just be stupid and potentially cause a paradox that leads us to never invent time travel in the first place. Which sucks balls.

    Also what of the ultimate timeline theory? Who's to say that doesn't exist either?
    Also telekinetic brain waves can be used on a number of things already from turning on the TV to playing a star wars game.

    I think that shit's so possible it's almost defs gon happen hells yea

  6. Whether or not you have time travel, it could still not be possible if you add the spiritual side of things.

    I don't think you can be in two different bodies at the same time with different ages...

    *looks at all the comments that have to do with time travel and the reasons and explanations why it is or isn't*
    *looks at mine*
    ... IF it was only time travel, then anything is possible. I feel that if you change the past, you change the future. Not the paradoxes and whatever else was spoken.

    Sorry, I just think very simply about things like this. Like, what if it were real, not the scientific theory of it being possible or that it hasn't happened yet. Because I'm simple like that. It's less confusing sometimes.

  7. Time is just a big wibbaly wobbly timy wimy ball of stuff, after all..

  8. No. Plain and simple. You cannot give birth to yourself in any possible way. N.O.

    Why? Hold onto your shoes because we are going into a bit of the birds and the bees. In order to form a life, an egg MUST be fertilized by a sperm cell, for mammals at least. Now, an egg cell is not just any cell. An egg cell is haploid in nature, meaning that it only has half of its DNA. The sperm cell, when it unites with the egg cell, supplies the other half of the DNA. These combine to make an offspring similar in nature to either parent. An egg cell is a jumble of the mother's own jumbled genes from her parents and then halved. Thus, a sperm furthers the fertilized egg from being the mother in any way.

    Now, throw time travel into the mix, ignoring the plausibility possibility or whatever. Let's say this girl child travels back into the past and has relations with her father. Does she birth herself? No. Why? Because the kid now has 3/4 of the father's genes, to put it super simply. Her egg was already a jumble of her mother and father's genes, so her kid just gets an extra dose of the father's genes. It doesn't work.

    So let's instead say that she clones herself and physically births her own clone. Is it herself? In my belief, no. Because I believe in souls. They cannot share the same soul so while the child is a GENETIC clone of the mother, she is not the mother. She is herself still.

    So, back to my simple answer. Is it possible to be your own mother? No.