Thursday, 31 January 2013


Okay, so, I think, all of you, should be very privileged that I am taking my now very precious time to write a blog post.

Because, this second, I am irritable.

It has taken most of my self control to not tell the people I have spoken to after school today to piss off.

And it really isn't because I'm angry, Zath, Rim and Flame. Lu, you may notice that you are the exception, but, then again, I did mention something about you reminding me of the only person I would welcome a conversation with right now.

So, to all of you, I doubt there will be a blog post for a while.

I'd like to get to a nice 50 posts, but seeing as school just went back today, and I have 11 weeks of school this term (not to mention that the final week is camp so I will have no internet, and most likely no one I like enough to talk to for a whole week) which is to be coupled with the fact that I'm now in Year 10, which makes so little sense to me when I say it out loud- but basically it's a truck load of works, and I need A's in basically every area heard of and more to be able to take Extension 2 English next year- And I REALLY want that.

So, for probably the first time ever, I am going to determinedly stick my nose to the grindstone and actually get all of my homework in on time this year.

And any free time I have that isn't devoted to moving house, I will be using to write my Hunger Games competition entries, because if I don't I won't have time- and that would suck.


Where was I...

Oh yeah.

Anyway, I'm currently irritable because people keep interrupting me. And I'm reading. I find it unfathomable that people have the audacity to talk to me when I very clearly have a book that I am reading in my hands.

And it's a good book.

It's a special book.

It is the only book I've ever received as a Christmas present.

It is one of the two only books that I have that no one other than me is allowed to touch- save one person.

The other book on this remarkably short list being my copy of TEOTW, which is signed to Sparky.

There ain't no one who touches that and lives.

'Cept for Derek, cause it's his signature.

And Hayley, cause she's the reason it's special in the first place, and I trust her.

Anyway, the point of this post is, I'm at school, no time for writing, and if you want to talk to me- expect me to be rudely dismissive for the next day or two.

Also, if I get time to write beyond the HG entries, I'm going to be focusing on New World.

Which I'm considering taking down, because I do think if I worked on it enough it'd be publishable.


How do I end this...

That'll do.


  1. Everyone is getting paranoid in Blogland... XD

    Protecting publishable material....

  2. IF YOU PUBLISHED A BOOK I'D BUY VERY EDITION OF IT POSSIBLE AND SCREAM AND FANGIRL OVER IT AND SOB AND basically obsessed over it because I adore your writing<3

    Also, awh! I feel so loved!:3 YOU'RE AWESOME, SPARKY!

    I hope you know I'll scream an awful lot when it arrives. AND YOU WILL GET E-MAILS THAT ARE FULL OF NONSENSE, just a warning.

    You're Sparky and Sparky is one of my favourite people in this world. So, Sparx, I'll be here for you if you wanna talk/cry/scream/shout/laugh/fangirl etc.

    uh, yeah

    You're perfect!

  3. Don't give up on New World. It'd be a waste of good writing.
    Also, sorry for interrupting your book. I can't take hints on Skype.

  4. Oi, Sparky. Just remember not to be mean to people who matter.

  5. Good luck with school, Sparky! Don't forget to have fun while you're there!

    I really want to read the short story with your character in it!!! I haven't gotten the Aussie version yet! Yet! I will try to!

    I won't bug you. Even though we haven't talked much in a while, I'll only email if you email first.

    What was the last thing...? Oh yeah! Also, good luck with New World getting published! I'd buy it, because you wrote it and you're awesome. *nods once*

    You can do it! :D

  6. What book?

    And I'd buy New World if it was published, because I haven't read it all and you're awesome enough for me to do that.