Thursday, 31 January 2013

Funny Things...

Okay, I know I may have that there won't be any posts for a while, but the only homework I got today was to get exercise books and read a few chapters of a book that I've read and such things.

Rest assured, on Monday I get my first assignment of the year, for Science, and it counts for, like, 40% of my semester grade, or something like that.

So, while I have time, I will post.

Because I was just checking over my blog's stats, and I've learnt that I am a mere 22 page views away from 5000.

Five thousand views.

That's crazy. I've had this blog for just over a year. Say, 400 days.

Five thousand views, in about four hundred days, having accumulated fifty followers, which really should be forty nine, because I don't count.

But the principle.

Which will make my stats page say that I have 5000 page views, 50 posts, and 50 followers.

That's a lot of fives.

And a lot more zeros.

Which is nothing less than pure awesomeness.

So, I'm gonna write somethin' real quick now, and post it when it's done.

... Though, it may take a little longer than expected, but it'll be up by tomorrow afternoon.


  1. I always count myself in my followers, because, well, 18 doesn't sound as good as 19, that's why.

    Congratulations. I'll read your next post having your celebration in mind.


  2. Ditto yay! That's awesome, Sparky! You have a lot of pageviews!

    I have like, less than 1000, that's for sure. Wow!

    I bet you'll get 5000 faster than you think! ;D

    And no, not because I'll refresh the page. I don't do that on purpose. But because you have a lot of people reading your posts. :)

    Again, yay!

  3. Same here :O So many random views....

  4. Wow that's awesome!

    Also my internet just started working so if it says I'm on skype, it's lying! :D

  5. Sparky, you do know that you're going to make it as an author, right?

    You, Zath and most likely Nix and Lord Vlaeder.