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L4D continued.

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And now, without any further babbling, more of the story!

‘They’re vampires.’ Francis mutters.
‘Zombies.’ Zoey, Bill and Louis say simultaneously. Francis keeps grumbling as we cross the road. The automatic doors to the mall won’t open, but that isn’t much of a problem seeing as they’re shattered already. We each step through the glass carefully and walk into the mall. I look around and see a distinct pattern in the architecture. The floor is marble, and it’s splattered with blood. The pillars are marble covered in plaster (you can tell from the holes in the plaster) and they’re splattered in blood. Shop windows are cracked, broken and are splattered with blood. We walk through the mall in silence, except for the obvious shooting of Infected. We walk into the super market and Bill stops us.
‘Check use by dates on everything, get batteries and matches.’ He says. I nod and immediately walk to the meat section, paying attentive attention to levels of mould on everything. I see some lamb cutlets, steaks and sausages. I pick up packets of things and start walking to the matches. I pick up seven boxes of matches and shove them into my pockets. I turn around and see a Boomer.
‘Boomer!’ I shout. I hear someone running up behind me.
‘Don’t shoot until you have to.’ Zoey’s voice whispers in my ears.
‘I know.’
‘Does it know we’re here?’
‘Not yet.’
‘Then why don’t we leave before it pukes on us?’
‘Great idea.’ We slide out of the aisle. We relax and keep looking for food. We hear Bill’s voice.
‘Cut the horseshit, Francis and get your ass down here.’ We hear Francis swear and I shrug. I look back down the aisle at the Boomer, and see Francis stumble backwards into it.
‘Oh God…’ I mutter. The Boomer explodes, covering Francis and Bill in bile.
‘Ah, shit!’ Francis shouts. ‘My vest!’
‘Get you’re head outta your ass, Francis, we got bigger problems!’ Bill scowls. ‘If you hadn’t been foolin’ around, this wouldn’t have happened!’
‘Don’t blame me! If you hadn’t startled me, I wouldn’t have tripped!’
‘Are they like that all the time?’ I ask Zoey quietly. She sighs and nods. Oh. That sucks. I walk to the entrance of the super market and watch for Infected. I see one. Bam. Another. Hole in its head. A third. I aim, but someone else gets there first. Louis is pointing a rifle at the space where the zombie was.
‘A team can always use more members. Try not to die.’ He says, reloading.
‘I wasn’t planning on it.’
‘Good.’ He holds the gun up again. ‘Look out, here they come.’ The horde runs up and Louis, Zoey and I open fire on them. Eventually I run out of bullets, and the Infected are getting closer. In a flash I’ve pulled out two Magnum Pistols, and am firing again.
‘Reloadin’!’ I hear Francis’ voice shout. I look over at him and shoot a zombie that’s about to get him. He looks up with the loaded gun and sees the Infected fall in front of him. I turn away and keep shooting. God, they just don't stop! Zoey pulls put a pipe bomb.
'Take cover!' she shouts, tossing it. She then runs into a nearby store. Each of us does the same. I end up in a pawn shop. I hear the explosion come from outside and I peek through the window. An Infected crashes through the window, and gets up slowly behind me. I hold the guns up at it, and pull the triggers of both. Nothing happens.
'Ah...Shit...' I throw the two pistols at it and sprint through the shelves of the pawn shop, trying to find something to whack it with. A nightstick catches my eye. Brilliant. I pick it up and swing it around. The Infected crashes into the aisle behind me. I whirl and crack the baton against its head. It groans, stumbles to the side and I bring the Nightstick down on its forehead. The Infected collapses. I growl and turn. I walk out of the store and run to the others. They've started shooting again. I pick up my shotgun again and reload it quickly. I start shooting as well. The Nightstick is hanging from my belt when an Infected grabs it and pulls me backwards into it. It bites into my left shoulder.
'Agh!' I shout. I flip the gun over the back of my shoulder and shoot it.
'Cover me!' I yell. I kneel and wrap a bandage around my shoulder. I stand up and start shooting again.

Eventually the Infected disperse and we pick up our bags of food. Louis comes over.
'Are you okay? You look torn up pretty bad.'
'I'm fine.' I grunt. I then glance at my left shoulder and see the bloodied bandage. I conceal a wince and sling the bag over my shoulder.
'Lets just back onto a roof and eat this food.' I say. We jog to the street and climb up the ladders. I sit down and empty my bag. The others do the same. All together we have bread, meat, a few fruit, some clean water, eight boxes of matches and about fifty different sized batteries. Bill bends over to get a fire going. I look at my shoulder again and peel the blood-soaked bandage off. The hole in my arm is about half an inch deep, and two inches wide. It's still bleeding. Zoey comes over and arches her eyebrow.
'Not much of a complainer, are you?' she asks.
'Never really saw the point, to be honest.' I say with gritted teeth. If you ever get a hole in yourself, try and make it somewhere you can reach easily.
'Do you want some help?'
'No, I think I'll just struggle a little while longer.' I scowl. She rolls her eyes and starts bandaging my shoulder tightly.
'No need.' she finishes wrapping the bandage and knots the end. 'You ever been bitten before?'
'A few times. Figure I'm immune or something.'
'Well you would've turned by now if you weren't.'
'Good point.' I look over at Bill. 'He doesn't like me very much.' I say, nodding towards him.
'He doesn't like anyone very much.'
'Then why'd he stick with you?'
'No idea. But he refuses to leave us behind now.'
'We wouldn't last five minutes without Bill.' Louis adds, chiming in.

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Okay! I've been wanting to show you guys this story for YONKS and YONKS and YONKS! AND I'VE FINALLY FOUND THE DOCUMENT!!!!! So! Here is the fantasy story that I wrote in Year Seven, and got an A+ for. No, I'm not exaggerating.

The Blue Dog

A very long time ago there was a kingdom called Cape Nort. In that kingdom there was a castle. In that castle there was a garden. At the back of that garden was a stable, and in that stable was a horse. This was no ordinary horse though. This horse, Koryian, could talk and was the steed of the most famous and brilliant knight in the country. Well, at least that was what the knight thought. The actual situation was that the knight, Sir Frederick was the most hated person in the whole kingdom. The peasants loathed him, the wildlife abhorred him, the trees despised him, the sun and moon detested him and even his own horse execrated him!

Sir Frederick was completely unaware of this because he was too prestigious and special to actually go and talk to people, animals, plants or astronomical beings. Koryian was very sarcastic about it and Sir Frederick couldn’t comprehend sarcasm, so he thought he was being praised.

One day Sir Frederick and Koryian were at the top of the tallest tower looking out over the kingdom of Cape Nort.
“ Isn’t it a beautiful day, Koryian?” sighed Sir Frederick
“ Sure, another one of those great days you set fire to everything,” Koryian replied “ I mean you always do.“
“ Ha-ha, you’re so funny sometimes Koryian.”
“ I’m not trying to be funny.”
Suddenly screams of terror rose up to the tower.
“ The people are in danger!” cried Sir Frederick
“ Here we go again.”

They ventured down together to the sounds of screaming and saw a giant blue monster terrorizing the town.
“ Rarrgh!!!” roared the monster. It looked remarkably like a really really big blue dog.
“ To battle!” Sir Frederick howled
“ Oh dear,” thought poor Koryian.

“ Hello ummm … what is your name?” Koryian shouted at the monster. He shouted because the monster was so tall and because there was so much noise.
“ Scooter!” the monster replied.
“ Scooter. Right, Scooter what are you exactly?”
“ Why I’m a dog, stupid!”
“ Well yes I can see that. Why are you so tall?”
“ I am not tall, everyone else is tiny.”
“ No, you’re huge.”
This conversation went on for a while until Scooter the giant dog flicked away Sir Frederick because he was trying to chop up Scooter’s ankle and it was beginning to annoy him. At this point Koryian had found out that Scooter had eaten a big, green, seemingly dead, glow in dark spider and then felt sick afterwards. Scooter had begun to walk around looking for help and meaning no harm, but everyone was running away screaming.

After Koryian had dragged Sir Frederick away and asked Scooter to try not to step on anything, he had begun to wonder how to fix the problem. He decided to go down to the wizard’s lab to see if Professor Heroni knew how to help. He also decided not to take the knight with him because last time they were down there together Koryian had almost been turned into a pumpkin.
“ Professor Heroni! How are you this morning?”
“ Koryian! You haven’t got that horrible knight with you?”
“ Oh no, not after last time. He’s asleep.”
“ Good. Now why are you here?”
“ I need you to get me a specimen.”
“ What kind of specimen?”
“ A green glow in the dark spider I believe.”
“ Come back in 25 minutes.”

25 minutes passed and Koryian came back and was told the antidote to the poison.
“ The antidote is a scale of the rare ice dragon Frostbane!”
“ Good, good. Wait, what!?”
“ Sorry, can’t help you there.”
“ Any weaknesses of the most powerful and dangerous dragon in the country?”
“ His nose. Hit Frostbane square on the nose and he’ll fall asleep.”
“ I’ll get Sir Frederick to do it.”
“ The way to the dragon caves is very dangerous. Take this potion. Koryian, it is only for a last resort. Sir Frederick must be down for the count before you use it.”
“ What does it do?”
“ Trust me, you’ll find out, and when you do it will wear off in 2 days. I’ll give you 1 potion.”

So the knight and the horse prepared to go to the caves of the dragons. It was a 5-day trip, so they packed fully. They put in the works: healing potions, protection talismans, spare amour, jousting sticks, etc. Koryian secretly stashed the secret potion in his personal rucksack.
“ Koryian lets go, I want to slay some dragon!” Sir Frederick whined
“ I’m coming, gimme a sec.”
“ Well, HURRY UP!” screamed Sir Frederick.
“ Chill out. I’m just getting my lucky baseball hat. You know it turns me invisible.”
“ Not that stupid thing Koryian, I will not ride a horse wearing a baseball cap and that’s that.”
“ Well too stinking bad, you have a sword which is pointy and annoying; I have a cap which turns me invisible.” Koryian stuck out his tongue.
“ My sword is a symbol of power and makes me invincible, your hat makes you look goofy,” before Koryian could cut in he continued, “ I mean a horse wearing a hat, a baseball cap?”
“ Well if I’m wearing it they won’t be able to see me, will they!” a compromise was made so they both got to take their possessions of magic power.

They traveled in a horse cart with a stable attached to the back. Koryian and 8 other horses took shifts of 3’s to draw the cart. But soon they came to an old brick bridge. Koryian unhooked himself from the cart and began to walk over the bridge.
“ Who goes there?” rasped an ogre in a terrible voice
“ It’s me Koryian, Gerald.”
“ Oh, hi, mate. You haven’t got that horrendous knight with you?”
“ Oi!”  Sir Frederick scowled.
“ I’ll take that as a yes.” murmured the ogre, “where are you headed buddy?”
“ The dragon caves. Any advice?”
“ No but watch out for Trolls. They’re a doozy.”

They crossed the bridge looking out for trolls. The day dragged along and the sun spoke with the travelers when he was close enough to the ground.
Hi guys, how did I do today?” the Sun began.
You did a good job Sun. It was nice, bright and warm. Koryian replied. They had set up base camp for the night and he was keeping watch. 
Thanks for letting me know. I mean, hardly anyone talks to me anymore. The temperature dropped.
Hey dont get sad, when you’re sad it gets cold, everyone feels it.
Thanks man. The Sun sniffled. He gradually sunk bellow Koryians line of sight. Koryian went to bed and thought about how Scooter was doing.

The next day they set off again. They traveled along the path until they came to the edge of the Black Woods. They stopped so Sir Frederick and Koryian could have an argument. The result was that they agreed that Koryian was to wear his baseball cap into the forest to see what the dangers were. Koryian was also to take his rucksack in case of emergency.
Im not sure about this. Koryian Muttered as he shrugged his rucksack over his shoulder. Ive heard that the monsters in there can smell fear and track it.
Thats ridiculous Koryian, Sir Frederick continued, You shouldnt be scared. Where is that knocking coming from?
Sir Frederick.
Yes.” Sir Frederick played along puzzled
Thats my knees, all 4 of them.
Oh. Nuts.” Sir Frederick remarked.
My point exactly!
Those are rumours, fictional, untrue.
“ Riiiight. I’ll get back to you on that.” Koryian whimpered.

Koryian tried to trot through the woods but ended up in a nervous canter. He cantered through the forest looking around at every sound. He went until he saw a house. He looked in the window and saw a girl with curly golden locks of hair. She was eating porridge and not looking too happy with what it tasted like. It reminded Koryian of something, but he couldn’t remember what. He knocked on the door. There was a small scrabble and eventually the door opened.
“ Who’s there?” she asked. Koryian had forgotten about the hat.
“ Oh, right, sorry gimme a sec.” Koryian realized.

After Koryian had taken of the hat and introduced himself the girl she said that her name was Melissa. They had a small chat, looked at some chairs (one of which they broke by accident) and beds when they heard a roar.
“ WHO BROKE INTO MY HOUSE?!” bellowed a loud greasy malevolent voice.
“ Who broke my favourite chair?” cried a softer, kinder, but still quite angry voice.
“ Who (sob) ate (sob) all my (sob) porridge?” whimpered a very young child’s voice. Melissa and Koryian shared a look. The look for Melissa was one of utter horror; Koryian’s was one of realization. He was standing next to Goldilocks. He motioned for her to get on his back. She did and when she was sitting on Koryian’s back she breathed in his ear.
“ What do we do now?”
“ We wear a hat.” He replied. He put his baseball cap on and galloped straight through the startled bears. They rode swiftly through the forest and into Sir Frederick.

Goldilocks returned to her home in a nearby village alone. Then Koryian spent the night in the stable before awaking at dawn.
“ Sir Frederick, I would like you to come with me this time, okay?”
“ Do I have to?” Sir Frederick whined.
“ Yes you do.”
“ Blech.” Sir Frederick grumbled.

This time Koryian managed a steady trot. They travelled through the Black Woods in no general direction, until Koryian smelt something unusual.
“ Mmmmm, that smells goooood.” Koryian drooled.
“ What, what smells good?” Sir Frederick asked, savagely. They hadn’t eaten anything for about an hour.
“ I can smell gingerbread (sniff) and frosting and icing sugar and gumdrops!” Koryian Sniffed, “ Follow me!”
They galloped for around 30 seconds. Then they stopped and gasped. In front of them was a mansion of sweets. The first impression of the place was that the building was a 3-storey glittering masterpiece of candy. The walls were gingerbread. The windows were solid see-through sugar. The knocker on the door was a barley sugar; even the chimney smoke was chocolate dust. Everywhere they looked was another delicious kind of candy. Koryian stepped back aghast, the sight was overwhelming. Sir Frederick, on the other hand, could not contain himself. Koryian began chewing on a licorice fence-post painted in mint whitewash. Sir Frederick launched himself at the house. Sir Frederick bit the knocker, sunk his teeth into the flowerbed, chewed the doorknob, munched, crunched and chomped just about everything.

A little while later Koryian was about to say that Sir Frederick was a big, fat pig when a cackle of laughter streaked across the sky. The was a blinding flash of light and then everything went back to normal, only something was different about Sir Frederick. The knight was changing slightly, like when you watch a lunar eclipse. The red ball of light covering the moon gets bigger and bigger until you realize that it’s gotten bigger. Koryian figured it out. Before the flash no matter how much Sir Frederick ate, he remained the same size. Now he was growing rapidly and Koryian couldn’t think of anything to say. Soon the knight was so big he could nibble at the top of the chimney! At that point Koryian found his voice.
“ Stop eating, you big, fat, gorging pig!” Koryian yelled at the top of his voice.
“ What’s the matter Koryian?”
“ Have you noticed that you’re nibbling the chimney-pot?”
“ Yeah, what about it Koryian?”
“ The last time I checked, the house was 3-storeys TALL!”
“ I really don’t see your point, Kory-. Oh”
“ Yes.” Koryian grumbled. Suddenly the cackle returned. A witch appeared right before the pair’s eyes, shrank and stole away Sir Frederick into the house (the door of which had miraculously stayed intact) and left Koryian in silence with no idea what to do.

Meanwhile, Sir Frederick was being carried to what he thought was his certain doom. The witch stopped and turned around, muttered something and knocked the knight out. When Sir Frederick woke up he saw nothing but food. Only the food was healthier this time, no candy or sweets. There was roast chicken, hams, lamb chops etc. The only thing Sir Frederick could think about was how hungry he was and how good the food smelled. He began to eat.

Koryian sat there thinking until he remembered the potion. He got it out and drank it. He felt himself changing. He felt a shot of pain and doubled over in agony. He felt his hooves splitting, getting thinner, rounder and softer. He writhed around until the pain stopped. Then he got up, only differently. Everything looked further away. He staggered over to one of the windows to see his reflection and what a reflection it was. Koryian was a human! Koryian didn’t understand what he was meant to do. He looked around feeling giddy and sick when he saw something glinting in a pile of rubble from when Sir Frederick had disappeared into the house. Koryian picked it up out of the debris with his brand new opposable thumbs. The gleaming item was Sir Frederick’s sword. Koryian picked up his hat and checked his reflection before he put his hat on. He had chestnut brown hair, icy blue eyes, and a light tan. In other words, he was the handsome knight in shining armour. He was wearing a light green T-shirt, slightly torn at the knee jeans and a shark tooth on a necklace. He saw on the ground the armour Sir Frederick had taken off to allow room for more food.

“ Koryian where are you?” cried Sir Frederick as he stuffed his face. He could feel himself getting bigger and bigger, yet he still felt like he was the same size. The witch could hear the chewing from the other side of the gingerbread house. She said to herself that he would make a very good fondue, except the meat would be tough. Koryian, on the other hand was thinking about how to use a sword when he heard Sir Frederick eating.
“ I’m coming Sir Frederick, and please don’t scream, it will let the witch know where we are.”
“ Koryian? Is that you?”
“ Yep. I’m almost there, and please… don’t act surprised!”
“ Surprised about what?”
“ You’ll see Sir Frederick.”
“ See what, I get really bug-. Oh, um, you’re a-“
“ Don’t get me started, fatso!”
“ Oi! I’m not fat!”
“ Try looking in a mirror, pig face.” Koryian sniggered, “ Now, lets get outta here!”

They ran out together, well Koryian ran and found out that he was quite fit and fast, whilst Sir Frederick sort of bounced. They got into the horse and cart and rode into the forest, getting in and out in 8 hours and kept going. The next day’s travel was uneventful (excepting when they ran into some pixies- nasty!) until they reached the side of the mountain.
“ You know, I kind of like being human.” Koryian sighed
“ Shut up.” Sir Frederick scowled
“ Why? What did I do?”
“ What did you do? You turned out to be a really hunky human and I’ve gotten fat since you became human, so your not exactly helping.”
“ Well I’m sorry I’m so fabulous.” Koryian said. Sir Frederick continued to grumble. The cart could not make it up the steep mountainside, so they sent the horses back.

They started to climb up the mountain. When the 2 men reached the top they walked to where the temperature was coldest until they saw an icy blue creature. Sir Frederick drew his sword and whacked the dragon sharply on the nose with the hilt of the sword. After they were sure that Frostbane was unconscious, Sir Frederick carefully prized one scale off the creature. Koryian noticed something underneath the dragon. It was a Returno-globe. The concept of a Returno-globe is to return extremely rich travelers (Returno-globes are extremely rare and expensive) back to where they started. They used it to get back the castle. Koryian ran back to Professor Heroni’s lab. The antidote was made and Sir Frederick and Koryian went to Scooter and fed him the antidote.
“ Thank you very much. Could you please help with another problem,” said Scooter, “I don’t have any family, could you find me a home, Koryian?”
“ I know the perfect place.” Said Koryian “The king loves the colour blue and his favourite kind of animal is a dog. I’m sure he would love to have you live with him.”

The King was delighted, except that Scooter’s ankles were badly damaged. Not unfixable, just temporary. But still the king was angry because he was an extremely passionate animal friendly man. He was so angry that he banished Sir Frederick, who had done the damage, from the Kingdom. For Koryian’s birthday every year he was given a potion from Professor Heroni. Everyone (except the knight) lived happily ever after.