Thursday, 27 December 2012


Well hey there.

So, my cruise was awesome.

I've been writing (a little) and experiencing withdrawal symptoms from being away from the Internet (okay, not really...)

Anyway, as I go through this post, there will be a couple pictures, but not many, seeing as most of the ones I took were of the people I met while I was away.

But, to start, the single most amazing pair of shoes I have ever, and will ever see in my life.

Yes, they're Harley Quinn shoes. And, yes, they're frikkin' awesome. It's kinda hard to tell from the pictures, but the laces have playing card suits on them. I want these shoes.

Scratch that, I need these shoes. I mean, look at them. Just look.

Anyway, I'm back from my holiday, and this is my holiday post. Now... Highlights of my trip...


Well, the ship stopped in Noumea, which was... Nearly no fun for me, because at the time I was on crutches.

Oh yeah, that reminds me, on the first full day of the cruise, I was at a party in the Teen Club and I tripped and twisted my ankle.

But, anyway, cause I was on crutches, I couldn't really go anywhere, because the crutches were practically causing as much pain as walking normally would've. I may be exaggerating a little, BUT IT REALLY HURT. I went to the Aquarium, saw the Crown of Thorns, spent five minutes watching it move while pointing at it and saying 'Who's destroying the Great Barrier Reef? You are! Yes you are!'


I like starfish.

The next stop was Mystery Island, which is where I got things for my friends, and a shark-tooth necklace for myself, which I haven't taken off since.

After that was Luganville, which I didn't get off the boat for, simply because I was about to leave when a Kiwi kid from Teen Club walked up to me and said;

"I just got back, I took a taxi to town, drank a dodgy Sprite and walked all the way back. It's terrible."

So I stayed on the ship.

(Side note: Did you know that when Kiwi's say 'deck' they pronounce it like 'dick'? I have earned endless enjoyment from this discovery.)

The next stop was Champagne Bay, which I swear is the most beautiful beach I've been to in my life.

I got a coconut there, and I drank some of it.

... Don't drink it.

Just don't drink it.

The rest of my time was spent staying up obscenely late and talking to the other teens I meet on the boat.

Some stand out ship-board moments would be...

Oh, I remember one.

There was this room called the Centrum that spans through seven or so Decks, and it has two glass lifts. The carols service was held in this room, which has some stairs between the two lifts that lead from the fourth deck to the fifth one. The crew stood on those stairs while they sang the carols.

Anyway, my small-ish group within the Teen Club decided to watch the carols, but about halfway through, four of the boys got bored.

You guys know the part of Gangam Style where the lift doors open and there's a guy gyrating over PSY?

They did that. They went up, they came down, they stopped at the floor the rest of us were on, we saw a security guard coming up behind them, ran around the entire boat and then they went and did it again.

And, if I had gotten the DVD, it would have that on film.

Another time I was talking to a guy about L4D and another guy (who was directly involved in the carols service escapade) had taken a third boy's navy hoodie and then proceeded to tackle me.

It was kinda funny.


If I think of anything else, I'll let you know.

Oh, one last thing, the boy who the hoodie belonged to has promised to read SP. Hellz yeah.

And that's the view from the front of the ship.


  1. Sounds fine.
    Except for the ankle. And the coconut.
    Everything else makes me jealous though.

  2. Sounds like you had fun. Great, except for the crutches.

    And I won't drink coconut. Thanks for the warning - not that I'd drink it anyway.


  3. Whoa. The last picture is pretty. I like how the clouds are in it.

    Sounds so fun! Now I want to go on a cruise! Hope your ankle is healed by now. Sounds like it was painful(both having to use crutches and twisting your ankle). I don't actually like coconut water/milk anyway, so even if it was good, I wouldn't drink it.

  4. Awesome!

    Don't you think there should be a cruise for all the Bloglanders? That would be SO FUN.

  5. Welcome back!!
    Crutches... Saw them in half!
    Trying to be Sikowitz with the coconut? ;D
    Anyway, It sounds awesome, so I hope it was overall brilliant!!!!

  6. Whoa...

    ...Was there a library??

  7. Val, I was just about to suggest why don't all the bloglanders go on the /same/ cruise. That'd be awesome.

    But I'm glad you had fun. How long did you go for?

  8. Sorry my mistake, Russell159196 is skype name

  9. No! your lying! Those are my shoes. (XD)
    Nice cruise dude!

    1. Sorry mate, I earned those shoes fair and square. (Get it? Because they came in a shoe box? Haw haw)

  10. Oh looks like I signed up for this whole blog mess and I see my shoes are famous. Hey Sparky, guess who just took a name? ;)

    1. I see what you did there, Ves. And yes, I am gonna call you that from now on.

      Why no Skype yet?

    2. What I do have skype I gave you my name silly duhhh

  11. that is an epic cruise. I still HAVE to drink out of a coconut though. It looks so epic in the movies.

  12. I just got the whole coconut thing, by the way.

    I can't believe you did that. Just... no.