Friday, 1 February 2013

Odd conversations.

Okay, I know I said that this post would be a story, but I just had the most awesome conversation of my life.

Thank you, Nixion.

Having gotten his permission, I get to post it here.

Uh, you guys won't be getting the lead in, because that's going to take WAYYY too long, but here is my highlight of the day.

Nix: I know too much?

Me: Yes indeed.

Nix: Is that a bad thing? Because I swear, I know nothing. Not a thing

Me: It's a very bad thing.

*smiles slowly*

For you, at least.

Nix: I know nothing
I'm thick as a brick
I didn't understand a word

---removed for reasons evident to Nix---

Me: Mm.

*looks at him*

You definitely know too much.

Nix: Uh... How much is too much?

Me: As much as you know is enough.

Nix: I swear I know less than I know

Me: That's what they all say when they know too much.

Nix: Uh... What if I knew more than I know?

Me: Then you'd know WAY too much- And then I'd really have to kill you.

Nix: *thinks really hard*
I think I know that I knew that I known too much, but I only know what I knew, but I don't know what I'd known

Me: I think you're trying to confuse me.

Nix: I think that if I knew, I would have known that I know, but knowing that I'd known doesn't mean that I know

Me: ... Yes it does.

If you'd known, and knew that you'd known, then you must know.

Nix: But what if I hadn't known. Then the whole thing wouldn't work

Me: But knowing that you'd known does mean you know.

Now, you obviously had known, or you wouldn't be suggesting that you hadn't.

To conclude- YOU KNOW TOO MUCH

Nix: Uh...
But what if you didn't know that I'd known?

Me: Inconclusive.

Ask parallel universe Sparky. She'd know.

But then she'd know that you'd known, rendering the process superfluous. 


In other words, it made no sense, but DAMN it was fun.

Thanks for the 5000 page views!


  1. Replies
    1. Because some of you don't seem to get it -

      *Congrats for 5000!

  2. It was a very knowing conversation

  3. Oh God.
    My head hurts now.

  4. Hahahaha :D

    You should see some of my conversations with Mist. It's hilarious.

  5. Okay, I got to about... The 'I think you're trying to confuse me' part. After that, I stopped trying to understand it.

    So much knowing... It's too much! O.O

    But even if I don't get it, it's still hilarious! XD

  6. Only Strange...
    Congrats for 5000!