Monday, 3 December 2012

Serious Matters.

Well, this is going to be a general post on my general views upon the world (in general).

1. I think way too much.
2. I sincerely hope that everyone is well, because things are getting intense EVERYWHERE.
3. Tomorrow is my last day of school.
4. I won't have Internet access from the 18th-28th.
5. I hate school.
6. I LOVE M&M's.
7. I have the best. Friends. Ever.

There's definitely more than that, but I shall take a break between the bullet points and the paragraphs of complaint, rant and possible swearing. So, look at the link:


To all of you who have been following my extremely petty problems over the past 8-10 weeks, I accidentally threw an M&M at her. Yes, it was legitimately, completely accidental. And very funny. Very, very, incredibly funny. I also want to let Echo know, that she is simply the most beautiful human being I have ever come across in my existence. You have stopped me from exploding on FAR too many occasions this term. Which is positively awesome. Seriously, you stopped me from rendering the school auditorium to shreds yesterday. (No, I'm not kidding, I was that mad.) I must admit, it is a true honour to be your friend, and I shall cherish that as much as I can. I really hope that one day I can become half the person you are. I have such a huge amount of respect for you, you'd probably laugh. Which I would consider UNACCEPTABLE!!! (Seven years in the dungeon, no trial (Had to slip it in there :P))

Btw, that post that I made, about the L4D fic? Yeah, ignore it, cause I've decided to write the damn story anyway. So, as another small break, here is a teaser of something that comes in MUCH later during the plot, but is safe to show you.

I hid in the bushes and pushed a branch aside that was obscuring my view. A  blonde guy was sitting in the safe room. An occupied safe room? You’ve got to be joking. Really, seriously, you have got to be kidding me. The safe room looks to be about a forty second sprint from here, but, knowing my luck, anything could happen in that time. I sigh and swing my Hunting Rifle over my back and pull out my Magnum Pistol. I set myself up like a sprinter would’ve at the blocks and breathed silently. I exploded out of the bushes and sprinted for the safe room.
Let me in!’ I yell. The man looks up, frightened. He’s smoking. Idiot.Open the door!’ I shout, starting to run short of breath. He stands and dashes to the door, fumbling with the latch. ‘Now!’ I add. Wait, wait, I can hear something… Growling. Shit. Not now, please, please, not now. The Hunter pounces and lands on me when I’m about twenty metres from the safe room. And still he is fumbling with that godforsaken latch. The Hunter pins me and I lift the pistol, but it bats the gun away, scratching my wrist. It draws a little blood, but I know it’s nothing on what I’m in for.
Hurry it up, blondey!’ I yell. He swears and keeps trying to open the door. The Hunter claws at my stomach, immediately drawing blood.
OW!’ I shout. He swears again and the door finally opens. The Hunter is tearing and slashing, clawing and hacking. Fucking hell, this is painful. I try and fight back when I feel the weight get pushed off my body and the guy helps me into the safe room. He rebolts the door behind him.
‘Christ, are you okay?’ he asks. I scowl.
DO I FUCKING LOOK OKAY TO YOU, PUNK!?’ I scream. He recoils slightly. I sigh.
‘Please, stop gawking at me and give my bloody, shredded stomach some medical attention.’ I grunt, and he jumps into action, pulling out a med-kit and starts tending to me.
‘I’m Noah, by the way.’ He says, wrapping a bandage around my abdomen.
‘Good to know. Thanks for saving me.’

So, my next post will probably be the next actual part of the story. There is your treat.

Another note is, losing friends is hard at the time, but much worse when you remember what it was like to be friends. So, I must say that I love you all, all in different ways, but all very, very, very much. You all mean the world to me, and I think of you guys as a an extra, better family to me. I seem to have a lot of families, and most of them aren't biological (duh). I have my Blogland family, my Elective Music class family (DODODODODODODODO), my Elective History family (Terrorism, ftw), my Skating family (yes Zoe, I was sitting there) and my small circle of friends (SAMUEL- Look what the door dragged in!!!- Does anyone want this?- PITCH BLACK- Because Supermarket!- Don't DO that!!!). Sorry for the inside jokes. They were completely necessary, yes. Anyway, the point is that I have missed you guys and your antics very much. I look forward to being back, first thing tomorrow after school. Also... IF I EVER GET THAT MANY E-MAILS IN MY INBOX EVER AGAIN, PEOPLE  WILL BE PUNISHED. Prolonged expulsion from my treehouse. *nods* You must feel so threatened. 

Uh... Uhhhhh....

Oh yeah! I will be away, on a cruise from the 18th to the 28th, but I have already organised to have a measly half hour in the Internet cafe on Christmas day. In the mean time, I shall be avoiding swimming at all costs- but that may be a little difficult, seeing as it's a tropical cruise. Who knows, I may meet someone who's into SP. That'd make my holiday. Or L4D. Or... Y'know, anything I'm overly interested in. It'd be nice to have someone to talk to about Victorious (I know, Rim, I know), but the chances of THAT are low.

Another video...

I love those guys. They make me grin. It's.. Unhelpable? *shrugs* Sounds right. 

So, my school day today has been as follows: Party, Party with crying, Recess with chocolate and Kris Kringle (Got the most epic notebook EVER), Science with laptops and very little paying attention- So much so that at one point the teacher asked if we were paying attention. No one was. Music party with Melody Pops and making Year Advisors AND Music teachers cry, House Music Drama rehearsal with people from other houses (I don't know why she was there either), Lunch with no actual food, Party with MORE tears, and Maths with a sub, drawing and talking to Echo.

All in all, my day ROCKED. I stole someone's M&M's (those ones I was throwing at people; not her, I swear cross my heart), and... And.....................

Argh. There was other stuff.

Oh yeah.

Wait, no....


I need some more stuff before the next video I put up! Nooooo! Uhh... Uhhhh!! OH! I KNOW! That SP fanfic I was writing AGES ago? With all of us older and Lynxia had to kill me and things?? I'm gonna keep writing it! And I'm gonna continue New World, I promise. And, I'll have pictures from my holiday, and......... Ummmm...

I had my last Writer's Club meeting for the year last Friday. Our challenge was to write 1000 words over the holidays. There were a few Y7's going "I'm gonna freak out on the last day how will I do it???" and then there's me and my writing buddy looking at each other going "Only 1000? Really? I mean, really. We could write more than that in a solid hour of typing. Really?" It was quite funny, really.

... That's enough for another video, right?

I think it is.

That, I could not help. She's just such a spectacular singer. Look at her other stuff. It's awesome.


Yeah, I think that's it. Talk to you guys tomorrow!



1. You guys rock.
2. Life is crazy awesome.
3. I will be filming as much of my holiday as possible, and I'll be posting it here.
4. My trombone is soooooo heavy.
5. I ate too many M&M's today.
6. I've had ONE Maths lesson in the past two weeks.
7. Emma, Jade, Zoe, Alcina, Louise, Rachel, Lizzie, Karyn, Sophie, Yuka, Harriet, Courtney, Izzy, Ang, Jordan, Miles, Eve, Sam, Fi, Eternity, Rim, Beck and Annie- You are really as epic as people get. I could give speech after speech after speech after speech with praise after praise after pointless praise, because words cannot describe how much you guys mean to me, and how much I'd do for you. And an extra bundle of hugs and such to Jordan, Miles, Zoe, Rim, Emma and Sophie for listening to me rant, swear, complain, shout, cry- and support me anyway. You guys really are the best. Never, ever forget it.

Okay, last thing...

Okay, so I lied a little with the title of the blog post. A little.

Merry Christmas, guys! 


  1. 1. M&MS!

    2. I'm not going to bother asking how that was accidental, and move on here (seriously, though, bloody hell...).

    3. I still think Noah's an idiot.

    4. You have too many families.

    5. Again, odd... But funny.

    6. I never thought you'd continue that story, YAY! And more New World is excellent too!

    7. ...1000 words... Seriously? I'm just... no.

    8. Nice song.

    9. *salutes*

    10. Pip...

    11. 1000 words...

  2. I seem to be surrounded by strangers...including me.

    Looking forward to having you back in Blogland, Sparky xD

  3. YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!! Sparks is back.

    I want story! Gimme story!

    Glad to hear you are alive and er... Throwing M&M's?

  4. I've been doing well. Haven't been on the blog in a- not sure how long it was now... Either a few days or weeks, but haven't been able to stay for long.

    Yay! L4D!

    Yay! No school for you!

    EMAILS! I know! But I was still part of it... Nooooooo!

    M&M's are really good! Love the dark chocolate ones. But throwing…?


    Um, I'll look at the links later...

    I'm sorry! I guess I forgot what New World was about and I did forget the SP fanfic, but I'll read them again to remember! I promise! ... Not sure how long it'll take me though...

    The pic at the end made me laugh. That's one way to get salespeople to stop calling you. ;P

    Okay, I think this comment is finished. I missed you, Sparky!

  5. Sparky, you are awesome personified
    I'm extremely sorry for the way things have turned out between us. I once imagined we could be brilliant friends, but because of my stupid actions I find that we're more of acquaintances.
    I promise from now on I'll try and be a better person, and I hope something of our friendship can be fixed.
    Can you forgive me?