Monday, 17 December 2012

Merry Christmas, Guys!

Okay, this is my official Christmas blog post, people!

I leave in five hours and twenty minutes for my ten day long cruise, and BOY am I excited! I mean, a boat! I love boats! Boats are good! But boats also lead to consequent swimming, and further consequent beaches. Yurgh.

But, moving on, I do have a writing project, but you don't get to see that...

*evil laugh*

Anyway, on the night before last, equipped with my sonic screwdriver, I went to the Sydney Opera House to see the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular!!! With Alex Kingston and Mark Williams as MCs! Yes, that's right, I've been in the same room as Alex Kingston and Mark Williams. Booyah. They played music from seasons five, six and seven of the new Doctor Who, with a special piece from the fourth season which was played to each of the ten Regenerations! They also played the Freedom Song which- Shh, Spoilers- Is what played when all of them were together flying the TARDIS right before Donna... You know...

And, as soon as I figured out what it was, made me cry. I haven't cried like that since Dumbledore died in Half-Blood Prince.

They played it out with the theme song (SO GOOD) and, of course, the person who yelled "YOWZA!" when Alex Kingston came out was sitting in my row, three seats over. I don't know him, I really don't.

So, as my mum pesters me to 'get off that damn laptop', I wish you guys a very Merry Christmas (no references here), and a Happy New Year.

And, a song:

Seasons Greetings, guys!