Friday, 30 November 2012

Titles Are Hard.

Okay, so, remember how I said that I wouldn't be completing the L4D fanfiction last week? Well, I was just looking through my laptops documents (There are waaaaaay too many duplicates in there...) and seeing all of the stuff that I wrote for the story but never got to publish is making me a little sad. So, this post is a question.

If I were to type up a basic explanation of the plot with the written bits stuck in, would anyone actually read it?



  1. Me too.

    Sorry if I read it a little late though. Not really late, but at most, two days after you post. But I'll try to check in every day. :)

  2. I'll read it, sure!

    Will you read my thing?

  3. Dude. Bro. My man.

    I read anything you post. ANYTHING.

  4. What else is there to read? My leisurely reading is when I'm looking at a milk carton.