Wednesday, 1 February 2012

First day back!



I went back yesterday. It was... okaaaay... Lets see.... Good things:

Got to see my friends.
Got to pile 36 pages of my writing over the holidays into Alfred's arms. The look on her face was absolutely priceless.
I fond out that I finally have a new Maths teacher.

So, that's the good stuff. Now for the bad stuff:

Not being able to talk on the Golden God's blog.
Not being able to talk to Val.
Not being able to let my mind wander over my stories.
I have learnt to NEVER tell my librarian anything EVER. I told her about winning the SP comp and I think she may think that it's a bigger deal than me. I was super happy, and I want to tell as many people as humanly possible, but my librarian forced me to promise that I would write an e-mail to my principle telling her what I did. My librarian told my to send links to Derek's blog (Which I'll be doing, so don't say anything stupid), my blog (simply isn't going to happen) AND to my website (which I am still considering).

And to top it all off, I ran head first into a wall. Yes, I really did.

Today was day two of school and I had double elective History up first thing, which was simply awesome. I get to sit with Alfred in that class, so it's two straight hours of us making jokes and being incredible at History at the same time.

And then it was SCHOOL PHOTOS.

Y'know, that day everyone dreads where you have to wear a clean dress (stupid school uniform) and have tidy hair and wear clips and smile and... It sucks.

And tomorrow, it's the freaking Swimming Carnival.

Which I'm not in any races for. I also start surfing next week, and I can already feel myself falling off the board and hitting my head against it.

So everything's as it should be.


  1. You know. I love swimming carnival.

    I can't swim. So no one can blame me for sitting under a tree doing nothing!

  2. School in germany started three weeks ago.... I MISS THE HOLLIDAYS!

  3. I went to school today. I hate my life

  4. hhhhhaaaaaaa hahhhhhhahahahahha i didn't have 2 swim at mine because i missed the trials coz im a new girl!!! SCORE!!! don't you love mrs ........! shes brilliant