Saturday, 25 February 2012


Star Midnight and I decided to support Ghastlith, and write what we thought Ghastly did on the night he made dinner for Tanith. (Post- Mortal Coil, which means SPOILERS!)

I hope you like it.

Ghastly opened the door to his shop. There was still glass on the ground from the previous night. It felt like years had passed since then. He righted a chair that had been overturned in the battle and put his coat over the back of it. He bent over and picked up all the shattered glass. He put all the furniture back where it belonged and looked around. If you ignored the scorch marks and the broken glass roof, his shop looked just like it normally did. But, paying customers were not going to ignore those things. They would concentrate on them as they walked past and they would walk past Ghastly’s shop. He looked out of his shop and sighed. Ghastly turned and walked into his back room. He made sure that nothing had been stolen from his shop during the outbreak. When he was satisfied that nothing had been taken, he walked into his kitchen. He opened his fridge and pulled out two steaks. Ghastly pulled out some trays and placed the steaks on there. He slid the tray into the oven and leaned back against the table. He thought about what had happened over the last few days. He couldn’t remember much, which was a bad sign. He looked at the two steaks and thought about the person who was supposed to eat the second steak. Tanith Low. He shook his head and pushed the coming thoughts away. He prepared the dish and served the two plates onto a table in the next room. He snapped his fingers and lit the three candles that were on the table. He then poured two glasses of red wine and sat down. He picked up his knife and fork, and cut a bit of meat off. He ate it and looked up. The chair in front of him was empty. His face slackened, but he refused to give in. He concentrated and after a few minutes Tanith Low was sitting in front of him.
‘Ghastly, is there something wrong?’ Her voice rang through his head.
‘No, nothing’s wrong. Do like the steak?’
‘I love it. We were interrupted last time we spoke.’
‘We were, weren’t we? What interrupted us?’
‘Oh, something small and insignificant like saving the world.’ Tanith laughed. Ghastly laughed as well. The pair of them talked, smiled, laughed and blushed their way through dinner. Ghastly looked at his plate, which was empty.
‘Well, I for one am full.’ Ghastly said, smiling. ‘Did you like it?’ He looked at Tanith’s plate. It had all the food on it, cold. He looked at her wine glass. It was full. He looked at the chair. Tanith was still sitting there.
‘Ghastly, are you okay? You look like you’ve seen a ghost!’ She said.
‘Tanith…’He said, sadly. Tanith frowned at him, then looked at her hands. Ghastly looked up at her again and she was fading.
‘Don’t remember me like that Ghastly. Remember me from tonight. Please.’ she said. Ghastly tried to grab her hands, but they weren’t there anymore. He looked at her face. Tanith was on the verge of tears.
‘Don’t remember me like that Ghastly! Don’t!’
‘Tanith…’ He breathed. Tanith faded away. Ghastly sat there, looking at the empty chair. He put his head in his hands. He blinked and looked at his hands. They were wet. He put his head back in his hands and sobbed.


  1. *sheds tear* Poor hallucinating Ghastly.

  2. *sobs* Beautifuly written and sad Sparky! I'm blown away by your writing ability. So gifted! This is EPICA Sparky! BRAVO!
    *hugs her*
    Thanks for posting this!

  3. *sniffles* i love it. wow sparky :) you are REALLY GOOD!

  4. I actually cried at that, Sparky...
    You're incredibly talented and I am speechless.
    I can't even criterion it...

  5. Why do you have to be such a good writer????

  6. Aww my heart bleeds for him. You captured that beautifully Sparks, well done!

  7. Derek fucking Landy you have tainted this fanfiction.