Monday, 30 January 2012

Wow! There's still more!

Travis, Sara and Ace stared at Scarlet, who was pale.
‘I think that worked out worse for me than anyone else.’ Was all she said. Sara broke the silence. ‘Why did you do that?’ She asked.
‘I don’t know.’
‘Scarlet, why did you tackle me?’ Ace asked. Scarlet blushed.
‘Because I was angry with you.’
‘Was?’ Ace inquired.
‘Yes. Was. I was angry with you. I am no longer angry with you. I’m sorry. I don’t think I have a grudge against Travis anymore either, but that doesn’t mean I enjoy his company.’ She said.
‘You had a grudge against me?’ Travis asked.
‘Yeah. If you pretend that you don’t know what I’m talking about, I will have a grudge against you again, so tread carefully.’ Scarlet said, eyebrows furrowed. Travis thought for a moment.
‘Oh… You’re Scarlet…’ He said, ‘I’m sorry. I didn’t know how it would turn out and, I didn’t want it to end up quite so severely for you.’
‘You aren’t used to apologies are you?’ Sara said. Travis scowled.
‘No. But I do feel bad about what happened to Scarlet. Again, I’m sorry.’ Ace got up. Scarlet also got up. Sara and Travis looked at them.
‘You going anywhere?’ Sara asked. Ace and Scarlet looked at each other and nodded. They walked away, leaving Travis and Sara very confused.

* * *

Ace and Scarlet walked away from Sara and Travis.
‘They’re going to be suspicious Ace.’ Scarlet whispered. Ace nodded.
‘I know that, but we can’t let them know.’ He said. They turned a corner and waited. After about thirty seconds a man with black hair, dark eyes and pale skin walked up.
‘You did a good job this morning. You will be giving new assignments when they come. But if you wish to continue, you need to train. Scarlet Grant, you will start either Judo or Karate. Ace Collins, you will begin learning how to speak either Portuguese or Russian. Do you have any questions?’ He said.
‘Yes. If we do keep doing this, we want to know whom we’re working for. I assume it’s a family thing, considering the similar features.’ Scarlet said, her eyes boring into his head.
‘Yes. We are The Recollection. Anything else?’
‘The Recollection? Okay. We kind of meant names but that will do, I guess.’ Ace said, avoiding the man’s gaze.
‘Excellent.’ He walked away. Ace and Scarlet shared a look.
‘The Recollection?’ Ace said. Scarlet shrugged.
‘I’ll see if I can find anything when I get home. And, I’m really sorry I tackled you.’ She paused, ‘Into the lake.’ She finished. Ace smiled.
‘I forgive you. It’d be nice to know what I did wrong though.’
‘I don’t know. That’s what worries me. I shouldn’t be tackling people for no reason. So, what language are you picking?’
‘Russian. You? I mean, which form of martial arts?’
‘Judo. I wonder what we did today.’ Scarlet replied. They chatted for a bit until they had to go home.

* * *

Danielle smiled. Sure, the boy had knocked her out, but these two were promising. They had done as they were instructed and had made their way through the complex without getting caught, and didn’t give away any important information. Ace and Scarlet. They are going to be busy in the next few months. Danielle eased back into her chair and watched people scurry about below her. Everything was according to plan.

Two Months Later

Scarlet spoke into her headset.
‘Hurry up Ace, I can only keep the doors closed for twenty more seconds.’
‘I’m working on it.’ He said back, stuck in a broken lift, trying to fix it. Scarlet was sitting in the surveillance room of a skyscraper, using three keyboards at once. They were on holidays and in the time that they weren’t spending on an assignment, they were having combat training or learning a new technique of some sort. They had been to classes for computer technology, engineering, acting and slight of hand. Ace held two wires together and the lift jumped upwards.
‘It’s working. On my way up.’
‘Great. Get out on floor sixteen, I’ll be waiting for you.’ Scarlet said. She quickly disabled all the cameras and got up. She opened the door quietly and peeked out. There was no one around. She stepped out and closed the door behind her. She made her way to the lift and waited. The lift doors opened and Ace stepped out. The pair took off their headsets and smiled.
‘And we can talk freely again. How did it go downstairs?’ Scarlet said, rolling her neck.
‘Pretty good. How was getting into the room?’ He asked, heading towards the stairs. Scarlet shrugged and followed him.
‘Boring. No one saw me.’ They walked down the stairs and took the emergency exit out of the building. They hailed a taxi and rode back to their town. Ace jumped out of the taxi when they arrived, and opened the door for Scarlet. She stepped out, smiling. It was the middle of the afternoon and Ace and Scarlet still had a few hours to relax. Ace closed the taxi door. The driver wound the window down.
‘Good work Ace, Scarlet.’ The river said. Ace and Scarlet faced him and saw that he was obviously a member of The Recollection.
‘Thanks? Do we have a new assignment already?’ Ace said. The driver shook his head.
‘No. The leader wants to show you something. That’s exciting. She only ever talks to the people she thinks are worth it.’ The driver handed Scarlet a note.
‘Go there. If you don’t turn up, it’s quite likely that she’ll get you killed. So I’d go.’ The driver smiled and drove away.

Scarlet and Ace met up at the address half an hour early. They looked at the building. It was a cottage, and it looked like someone lived there. They sat on the curb on the street across from the house and talked. Scarlet checked her watch.
‘Time. Lets go.’ She said, getting up. Ace groaned and got up. They walked across the street together. Ace knocked on the door. There was silence from behind. Scarlet felt nervous. She knocked on the door. Still no response. Ace and Scarlet looked at each other.
‘Maybe she didn’t hear?’ Ace said. Scarlet nodded. She didn’t trust her voice right then. Ace looked at her, noticed that she was nervous and held her hand. Scarlet blushed.
‘I’ll try again.’ Ace said, filling the silence. He rapped his knuckles against the door again. Finally, they heard movement come from inside the house. 


  1. das ist sehr gut Sparky. Well done.

  2. I don't know Russian, but I know Portugese.

    Bem feito. Eu realmente gosto desta história. Eu gostava de Danielle. Eu não gostei do fato de que ela se bateu para fora, mas foi hilário mesmo assim. Eu não posso esperar por mais!