Monday, 27 February 2012

Was Two Things, Is No Longer.

So, first, I am updating the fan fiction. Here you go:

‘Listen.’ She breathed. Sparky listened and stepped forward tentatively. She shrieked as her foot went through the glass she had stepped on. Sparky brought her arms up and she fell through the roof. She turned in mid-air and landed on her back, barely keeping her head from smashing into the concrete floor of the warehouse. Her Makhaira clattered to the ground next to her.
‘Sparky!’ Hayley yelled. ‘Are you okay?’ Sparky groaned. She opened her eyes and saw Hayley looking down at her through the glass.
‘What do you think?’ Sparky shouted back. She stood up, picked up her sword and looked around. There were shafts of light entering the warehouse at regular intervals. Other than that, there was no source of light in the building. Sparky walked with her hands out in front of her, trying to see. She hit a wall and ran her fingers along it until she hit an electrical box. She opened it and charged up the box. The lights flickered on and Sparky took another look at the inside of the warehouse.

* * *

Echo stood with her hands on her hips. Áine was watching her, doing her best not to make a sound. Áine shifted slightly on her feet.
‘Shh. I need silence.’ Echo said. Áine rolled her eyes and waited. Echo started walking towards the forest that was behind the warehouse.
‘Are you sure that’s the right direction?’ Áine asked.
‘Positive.’ They walked briskly. The entered the forest and Echo stopped suddenly. They were quite a far way into the forest.
‘What is it?’ Áine hissed.
‘Can’t you hear that?’ Echo asked, looking back towards the warehouse. Áine gave Echo a look.
‘No. My ears aren’t super good, remember?’ She said. Áine listened anyway. Echo sprinted back they way they had come.
‘Where are you going!?’ Áine shouted. Echo didn’t even look back. Áine groaned and ran after her.
‘I heard,’ Echo said between breathes, ‘Sparky scream.’
‘Why am I not surprised?’

* * *

Flame and Ivy walked into the warehouse.
‘How did I get paired with you?’ Ivy asked. Flame scowled. Ivy scowled back. They made faces at each other for a few seconds and eventually tried to look for a light switch. Not finding one, they walked forwards into the warehouse, seeing by the fire in Flame’s hand. They walked along, looking around.
‘This is so boring.’ Ivy said.
‘Looking for clues is a necessity if you are a detective. Which I am.’
‘Well I’m an assassin. I kill things. This qualifies as boring.’
‘Yeah, I know…’ Flame said reluctantly. They walked around, looking for anything other than wall, floor or ceiling. Ivy was pulling out her knife so that she could see how far she could drive it into the ground when they heard a scream and a crash. They ran in the direction of the sound but the lights flickered on before they got there.

* * *

Eve and Lynxia walked around the warehouse. Nothing interesting was happening, so Lynxia turned to Eve and flinched.
‘Don’t do that!’ She growled. Eve laughed and returned to her normal appearance.
‘Do you have any live chickens?’ Eve asked.
‘Yes.’ Lynxia said. Her phone beeped.
It was a text from Ivy. Lynxia grabbed Eve’s wrist and they shadow-walked into the warehouse. They stepped out of the bundle of shadows to see Sparky, Flame and Ivy standing together. Out of nowhere Hayley landed on the ground softly.
‘Sparky, are you okay?’ Flame asked. Sparky rolled her eyes and nodded. There was a bang from the other end of the warehouse. Everyone sprinted over to meet Áine and Echo making a whole in the wall.
‘Is everyone okay?’ Echo asked, checking Sparky especially.
‘For Pete’s sake yes!’ Sparky cried.
‘I’ve found them by the way.’ Echo said, stepping back out of the warehouse. They followed her. She walked into the forest and slowed down. Echo looked back at them.
‘Just in here.’ She whispered. They edged forward into an empty clearing. Echo stood straight and turned around.
‘I was sure this was the place.’ She stuck her nose in the air a sniffed. ‘It is here. Where are they?’ There was a flash as nine vampires landed on the ground, grabbing each of them. The ninth stood in front of them all.
‘Why hello there. I have been trying to kill you people for quite a while. But, now that I have all of you, I can return to the boss. I hope the ride isn’t to bad.’
‘Who are you?’ Sparky asked, fighting against the vampire who was holding her in place.
‘No one of consequence. Silence them.’ The lead vampire said. Each of the other vampires knocked out the sorcerers. Sparky’s knees buckled as she blacked out.


  1. the story is interesting. i hope to see the rest sometime in the near future. i don't think i can ever get used to your poem. every time i read it, i get chills up and down my back and arms. wow, your poem's really beautiful. i have no words that can really describe how beautiful i think it is.

  2. Well done on your story Sparky! It' sv ery exciting. Love the use of OC's i n here! Clever cloff hanger too! Can't wait for the next part.
    It's goog to read you rpoem again. It is so beautiful and extrodinary!
    Bravo Sparky!

  3. I hate cliffhangers. *sigh*
    Still they motivate me to keep reading.
    Sehr gut Sparky!! Keep it up.

    That poem is beautiful.

  4. I know everybody says the same thing, but . . . It is such a beautiful poem, sparky. I like it better every time i read it. And it's really moving, too . . .

  5. Moving poem sparky! *smiles*