Wednesday, 4 April 2012


I've been thinking that it's been a while since I last made a blog where I talked about random stuff, so I've picked a few things to talk about. Article One, Faking My Own Suicide (Relient K) and Mirror Mirror.

Article One is a band that I recently discovered because of a Christian Studies assignment. Article One is a Canadian Christian Rock/Violin Pop band and even though I'm really not religious at all, I really like their music.For some of you, it might not be 'hard' enough (*coughZATHRACTcoughcough*) but I like it, and the music is good, so I don't discriminate. My favourite songs by them are
Without You (I'm Not Alright)
This Is Our Life
Hold On
The One (I'm Fighting For)
I Love You More

So, uh, youtube them, they're good songs.

Faking My Own Suicide is the song that Alfred picked for her Christian Studies assignment, and she insisted that I listen to it, and I learnt the words to it before she did. We start singing it at random (which for some reason surprises my other friends. Apparently I'm not allowed to like singing). It's by Relient K and they're worth a look at too.

Mirror Mirror. I watched Mirror Mirror two hours ago, and it is a REALLY good movie in my opinion. I would more than gladly watch it again. The sets were incredible, the casting was fabulous, the script was phenomenal and the music was brilliant.

But the costumes. It's out of character for me to care about clothes, but-

The Costumes. They were AMAZING. AWE-STRIKING. INSPIRING. Perfectly tailored, excellent choice in colours for the set and the person, the styling-

I simply cannot get over the costumes. My favourite scene is the montage where the dwarves train Snow(trying not to spoil anything here) and in the montage, I loved watching Napoleon help Snow trying on all of the different costumes. But the outfit she finished with was fantastic. My favourite movie costume of all time, definitely. My second favourite being Harry's Dragon/Maze Task Triwizard Cup Uniform. But Snow's combat gear wins by a long-shot.

At the end of the movie, I learnt that the costume designer died right after the movie was filmed. Which makes me sad, because she was REALLY good at what she did.

Watch the movie, it's really good. The script is my second favourite part of it... Tied with the casting. The casting was great. The script was great.

Watch. This. Movie.

That's all!

More story coming soon!


  1. *speaks poshly* I'd much rather watch Snow White and the Huntsman.

  2. I saw the trailer for Mirror Mirror when I saw HG. It looks good.

    *scowls at Eve*
    I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not. But having watched the trailer I think that movie would be OK with anyone other than Kristen Stewart. At the same time I pity the poor braindead girl.

  3. I love the song 'Faking My Own Suicide'!
    Eh. Kristen Stewart ruins the whole image for me but the trailer looked good! :)

  4. I saw the trailer for Mirror Mirror and I want to see it too. It looks funny. :)

  5. I SAW IT so frikking good omg loved the ending song I'm the first of for friends to see it! I'm special!