Thursday, 5 April 2012

More writing, as promised.

'We wouldn't last five minutes without Bill.' Louis adds, chiming in. Francis snorts.
'Its true.' Zoey says. I sniff and smell cooking meat. My stomach rumbles. Well, I think it's my stomach. It could've been Zoey's. I stand up.
'My stomach is calling.' I say, then sit down by the fire. Francis sits on my left, Louis on my right. Bill has set up a spit of some sort. I'm not quite sure how he did it, because there's a platter above the fire, which is turning as he rotates a handle. How did he do that? Well, it works. I think I'll ask him.
'Bill, how did you rig this up?'
'You learn a lot of things at war, kid.' he says. War? That would explain his uniform. After a few minutes the food is ready, and each of us has a lamb cutlet to eat.
'What happens now? Do we stay here until we get eaten or do we have somewhere to escape to?' I ask.
'We're heading for the airfield. They have planes taking survivors away, but there aren't many left. So, we are in a hurry.' Bill grunts. I've finished my meat and have started gnawing on the bone. Bad habit.
'So... We're blitzing through the city to fly away?'
'Is there a problem with that?' Bill says. I stop slouching and shake my head.
'Good. Speaking of which, we need to get going. Everyone ready?' Bill asks. Everyone nods and stands up. I pick up an Assault rifle and a Combat shotgun. I weigh the pros and cons of both inside my head, and put the Assault rifle down. It just isn't my style. I slide a Magnum pistol into a loop of my jeans, so it's resting on my right hip. I see another and slip into the opposite loop, against my left hip. I put spare ammunition into my pockets, something that I neglected to do last time. I look at the Nightstick that I had acquired. Where do I keep it?
'Put the handle through the loop on the back of your pants.' Louis says.
'...Thanks.' I say, doing what he suggested. And now, I feel fully equipped. I see another Combat shotgun on the ground. I pick it up. I hold one in each hand and rest the butts against my waist. Now I feel fully equipped.

Yeah, I know it isn't much more, but I've been writing different bits of this story EVERYWHERE. There are bits I have that'll come into the story probably months from now. It's kinda a jigsaw puzzle, and I'm trying to put it together from the middle outwards.