Friday, 30 March 2012

L4D continued.

Okay, before I post any more I need to tell you two things.

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2. I'd really appreciate it if you guys checked out Alfred's blog. She hasn't really gotten into it yet, but I've been encouraging her, and she's thinking about drawing my OC's. So I suggested that she could ask for your (Blogland people) OC's, and draw them for you guys. She's an excellent drawer, so you should seriously consider it. DON'T POST YOUR OC'S YET! THAT'S IMPORTANT! NOT YET! Another thing is that she's also writing a story, but she loves having support!

Is the link to her blog. Go check it out!

And now, without any further babbling, more of the story!

‘They’re vampires.’ Francis mutters.
‘Zombies.’ Zoey, Bill and Louis say simultaneously. Francis keeps grumbling as we cross the road. The automatic doors to the mall won’t open, but that isn’t much of a problem seeing as they’re shattered already. We each step through the glass carefully and walk into the mall. I look around and see a distinct pattern in the architecture. The floor is marble, and it’s splattered with blood. The pillars are marble covered in plaster (you can tell from the holes in the plaster) and they’re splattered in blood. Shop windows are cracked, broken and are splattered with blood. We walk through the mall in silence, except for the obvious shooting of Infected. We walk into the super market and Bill stops us.
‘Check use by dates on everything, get batteries and matches.’ He says. I nod and immediately walk to the meat section, paying attentive attention to levels of mould on everything. I see some lamb cutlets, steaks and sausages. I pick up packets of things and start walking to the matches. I pick up seven boxes of matches and shove them into my pockets. I turn around and see a Boomer.
‘Boomer!’ I shout. I hear someone running up behind me.
‘Don’t shoot until you have to.’ Zoey’s voice whispers in my ears.
‘I know.’
‘Does it know we’re here?’
‘Not yet.’
‘Then why don’t we leave before it pukes on us?’
‘Great idea.’ We slide out of the aisle. We relax and keep looking for food. We hear Bill’s voice.
‘Cut the horseshit, Francis and get your ass down here.’ We hear Francis swear and I shrug. I look back down the aisle at the Boomer, and see Francis stumble backwards into it.
‘Oh God…’ I mutter. The Boomer explodes, covering Francis and Bill in bile.
‘Ah, shit!’ Francis shouts. ‘My vest!’
‘Get you’re head outta your ass, Francis, we got bigger problems!’ Bill scowls. ‘If you hadn’t been foolin’ around, this wouldn’t have happened!’
‘Don’t blame me! If you hadn’t startled me, I wouldn’t have tripped!’
‘Are they like that all the time?’ I ask Zoey quietly. She sighs and nods. Oh. That sucks. I walk to the entrance of the super market and watch for Infected. I see one. Bam. Another. Hole in its head. A third. I aim, but someone else gets there first. Louis is pointing a rifle at the space where the zombie was.
‘A team can always use more members. Try not to die.’ He says, reloading.
‘I wasn’t planning on it.’
‘Good.’ He holds the gun up again. ‘Look out, here they come.’ The horde runs up and Louis, Zoey and I open fire on them. Eventually I run out of bullets, and the Infected are getting closer. In a flash I’ve pulled out two Magnum Pistols, and am firing again.
‘Reloadin’!’ I hear Francis’ voice shout. I look over at him and shoot a zombie that’s about to get him. He looks up with the loaded gun and sees the Infected fall in front of him. I turn away and keep shooting. God, they just don't stop! Zoey pulls put a pipe bomb.
'Take cover!' she shouts, tossing it. She then runs into a nearby store. Each of us does the same. I end up in a pawn shop. I hear the explosion come from outside and I peek through the window. An Infected crashes through the window, and gets up slowly behind me. I hold the guns up at it, and pull the triggers of both. Nothing happens.
'Ah...Shit...' I throw the two pistols at it and sprint through the shelves of the pawn shop, trying to find something to whack it with. A nightstick catches my eye. Brilliant. I pick it up and swing it around. The Infected crashes into the aisle behind me. I whirl and crack the baton against its head. It groans, stumbles to the side and I bring the Nightstick down on its forehead. The Infected collapses. I growl and turn. I walk out of the store and run to the others. They've started shooting again. I pick up my shotgun again and reload it quickly. I start shooting as well. The Nightstick is hanging from my belt when an Infected grabs it and pulls me backwards into it. It bites into my left shoulder.
'Agh!' I shout. I flip the gun over the back of my shoulder and shoot it.
'Cover me!' I yell. I kneel and wrap a bandage around my shoulder. I stand up and start shooting again.

Eventually the Infected disperse and we pick up our bags of food. Louis comes over.
'Are you okay? You look torn up pretty bad.'
'I'm fine.' I grunt. I then glance at my left shoulder and see the bloodied bandage. I conceal a wince and sling the bag over my shoulder.
'Lets just back onto a roof and eat this food.' I say. We jog to the street and climb up the ladders. I sit down and empty my bag. The others do the same. All together we have bread, meat, a few fruit, some clean water, eight boxes of matches and about fifty different sized batteries. Bill bends over to get a fire going. I look at my shoulder again and peel the blood-soaked bandage off. The hole in my arm is about half an inch deep, and two inches wide. It's still bleeding. Zoey comes over and arches her eyebrow.
'Not much of a complainer, are you?' she asks.
'Never really saw the point, to be honest.' I say with gritted teeth. If you ever get a hole in yourself, try and make it somewhere you can reach easily.
'Do you want some help?'
'No, I think I'll just struggle a little while longer.' I scowl. She rolls her eyes and starts bandaging my shoulder tightly.
'No need.' she finishes wrapping the bandage and knots the end. 'You ever been bitten before?'
'A few times. Figure I'm immune or something.'
'Well you would've turned by now if you weren't.'
'Good point.' I look over at Bill. 'He doesn't like me very much.' I say, nodding towards him.
'He doesn't like anyone very much.'
'Then why'd he stick with you?'
'No idea. But he refuses to leave us behind now.'
'We wouldn't last five minutes without Bill.' Louis adds, chiming in.


  1. Because apparently saying "I like" is enough...

    It's good, Sparky. A nice continuation on what you already had written down and I also like that you included the last 1/2 lines of the last part so I know where the hell I am. That also stimulates my mind and makes me remember what I've already read seeing as I have a habit to forget.

    The story itself is good, engaging and full of nice, sweet, zombie brutality. Can't wait for more.

    I'm already following Alfred's blog but I will be giving her my OC.

    Please remove the Word Verification.

  2. I think i need to know a little more about L4D to fully understand
    By hell it's engaging
    I love it

  3. You're really into left 4 dead, and i think that's part of what makes your story so good.

    Love it.

  4. Love it! Wish I could get it...


    Will go check out Alfred's blog...

  5. I think I know more about the comic/game just by the stories you write about it. :)

    To tell the truth, I'm not much into this kind of thing, but you really make it interesting! Love it! :)

  6. you walk into the meat section

    so you......

    love it bro keep going!!!!!!!!