Thursday, 22 March 2012

Two new poems.

So. I was bored in Maths, and then I was bored in Science. So I wrote these poems:

In the woods.
Running, running, running.
Shadows flicker. Branches break.
Footsteps thunder. Hearts pump.
Birds call. Gunshots ring.
In the woods, people screamn.
Running, running, running.
Bang. Bang. Bang.

So. That was the first one, which I am calling 'In The Woods.' because it makes sense to me. Here is the second poem:

White sparkles float down.
Grey dogs run past.
Cold children run away.
Snowflakes fall, landing on the snow.
Furry huskies sprint and yelp.
Freezing children scream and flee.
Red blood drips onto the pure, white snow.

Yes. I think I'll call that one.... 'Broken Winter.'


  1. Wow, Sparky. Both are really good. :) I don't really care if you don't think so, but I think you are a good poet and writer. Keep writing! It's really good! :D

  2. *looks at Sparky*
    You really like poetry, don't you? I just don't have that knack for it, but you obviously do

  3. btw you should disable the word verification thing. It's irritating.
    Also I'd call the second one something different, like broken winter or deadly cold.

  4. you like sad poems dont you? and sad poems are easier to write than happy ones.

    Actually i dare you, write a cheerful poem. i DARE YOU

  5. and fyi U R always bored in science

  6. Woah, Sparky. That's good. Really good.

  7. Cool. :)

    Wait, the doggies ate the kiddies? *sniffs*

  8. eve you feel sympathy? but your like rock feeling nothing! im liking you more and more :)