Wednesday, 25 January 2012


This is what I've written today, hope you guys like it!

‘Whoa.’ Ace said, as he pulled Scarlet into the shadows with him. They had walked into a room full of guards. They were walking around the room like clockwork. It was a miracle that Ace and Scarlet hadn’t been spotted. At the center of the room, there was a column of wiring leading to the roof. It was thicker than a redwood tree trunk. Scarlet scanned the room, and pointed at a door at the other end of the room. Ace consulted the map.
‘That’s the one. How in the hell are we supposed to get there?’ He whispered.
‘Well, using your brain is a start. We got equipment for a reason.’ Scarlet said, digging through her backpack. Ace grinned and did the same. They pulled out what would be useful, and looked at what they had. Not much. Ace gripped a box of matches.
‘Do you have anything flammable?’ He asked under his breath. Scarlet nodded and opened her backpack again. ‘How much stuff does she have?’ Ace thought. Scarlet pulled out a notebook. She then got out a pencil and wrote: ‘I always keep an empty one on hand.’ She handed him the note book and whispered,
‘What are you going to do?’
‘Burn it.’ He slid along the wall until he was under a sprinkler. He then lit a match and set the notebook on fire. He then motioned for Scarlet to pack everything up and head to the other side of the door that they had come in by. She did so, and Ace met her about ten feet from the door that they had entered.
‘When the fire alarm goes off, I assume that they will exit that way. When they do, we move to the target. Okay?’ Ace said. Scarlet nodded and shoved her backpack underneath a row of pipes sticking out of the wall. She then did the same with Ace’s backpack and then wedged herself in as well. She beckoned for Ace to do the same. Ace jammed himself in, at the very edge.
‘This is uncomfortable, to say the very least.’ He grumbled.
‘Would you rather get caught or be uncomfortable for a few seconds?’ Scarlet hissed.
‘Fair enough.’ He murmured. A couple of seconds later the alarm went off and the guards left the room. Ace poked his head out and saw that there was no one left. He got out and stretched. He then helped Scarlet pull out the bags and together they ran across the room. Scarlet got out her lock-picking kit again. Ace sighed; knowing that time was of the essence and kicked the door of its hinges.
‘No one’s going to hear it over the alarm.’ He said, smiling. Scarlet scowled and pushed him through the door. Ace stumbled through and scowled back at Scarlet. He then faltered and checked the map.
‘We have to walk up these stairs, and go into the room above.’ He headed up the stairs, followed by Scarlet. They walked up the stairs and headed into the next room.

* * *

Danielle looked over her shoulder as the door opened. She had ignored the fire alarm when it had gone off ten minutes previously. To her surprise, there were two teenagers standing in the doorway. They looked just about as shocked as she felt. She faced her keyboard again and finished what she was doing. She then turned around and faced the kids again.
‘Who the hell are you?’ She asked. The two kids looked at each other.
‘I don’t think we should tell you that.’ Said the girl. Danielle snorted.
‘My name is Danielle Clark. Now, who are you?’
‘No offence Danielle, but knowing your name doesn’t really alter the situation that much.’ Said the boy. Danielle smiled.
‘Okay, so I’m not about to find anything out about you. Can I ask why you’re here?’ The pair looked at each other and shook theirs heads.
‘Fine. What happens next? You obviously didn’t come here for fun.’ Danielle narrowed her eyes. ‘Who sent you?’
‘We don’t know. We don’t know who sent us. They never told us.’ Said the girl..
‘Hmm. What did they look like?’
‘Black hair. Dark eyes. Pale skin. Scary.’ Said the boy. Danielle sighed.
‘Of course it’s them. Look, I need to know your names. Just your first names.’ The two kids had been walking towards Danielle as the conversation progressed and they were right in front of her now. The boy opened his mouth to answer, then shot his fist at her chin. Danielle’s head rocked back and her vision clouded.
‘You little shits.’ She said as she passed out.

* * *

Ace grinned as Danielle fell to the floor. He shook his hand and blew on his knuckles. Scarlet rolled her eyes and knocked him over.
‘So this is it.’ Scarlet said as Ace got back up again.
‘Yeah, I guess. What do you think will happen afterwards?’
‘Lots of running. Lots of running.’ Scarlet said. Ace got out a pair of scissors and Scarlet sat down at the keyboard. She typed a message onto the screen, as she’d been told. ‘I believe that we’ve won this battle Danielle.’ Scarlet looked down at Danielle. She was fast asleep. Scarlet then proceeded to delete every single document on the computer. Ace went up to the mass of wiring with the scissors. He cut the six nearest wires and then something sparked.
‘Time to go!’ He yelled. Scarlet got up and ran for the door. Ace was already on his way down the stairs.
‘Wait up!’ She shrieked. Ace stooped briefly then started running again. They ran out and sprinted across the court. They were running back to Ace’s place.
‘This way!’ He yelled, speeding into a side street. He jumped a fence and skidded to a stop when he heard the crash of Scarlet hitting the fence.
‘Ow…’ She groaned. Ace looked at her disbelievingly.
‘Have you never jumped a fence before?’
‘No. That hurt. I didn’t see the fence cause I was looking over my shoulder and I turned and jumped and hit the fence. Help me over.’ She scowled. Ace grabbed her wrist and pulled her over the fence. Ace was having a hard time not laughing at Scarlet. She growled at him.
‘Okay, Scarlet, we need to jump over three fences to get to my place. Can you handle it?’ He said, smirking. Scarlet scowled.
‘Yes. In fact, race you!’ She started running in the middle of her sentence and was laughing at the end. She raced towards the fence, jumped, put her hand on the top of the fence and vaulted over. Ace followed, thinking he could catch up easily. Scarlet was a nerd after all. He sprinted and landed next to her after the third fence. She had stopped and was looking at a café across the road.
‘I’m hungry.’ She said. Ace was red and panting.
‘You want to have lunch?’ He spluttered. ‘With me?’
‘Sure. I have money in my backpack.’ She smiled and pulled Ace across the to the café. They sat down at a table up the back. The waiter came and gave them menus. They sat and ate together, chatting. They discussed school and teachers for about an hour. Scarlet paid the bill and they walked back out.
‘Ace, I think the waiter thought we were on a date.’ Scarlet said quietly. They looked at each other and laughed awkwardly. Ace rubbed the back of his head and grimaced.
‘Yeah… Stupid idea huh?’ He said.
‘Yeah, stupid.’ Scarlet trailed off. There was a moment of silence and then Scarlet shrugged.
‘I need to go, I’m meeting Sara in the park later and I need to get changed.’
‘Yeah, I need to- where in the park?’
‘By the really big tree. Why?’
‘I’m meeting Travis near the lake later, that’s all.’ He said. As Ace said Travis, Scarlet recoiled.
‘What’s wrong?’
‘I was right. You are one of Travis’s pawns.’
‘What!? No I’m n-‘ Ace began.
‘No, Ace. Just, no.’ Scarlet stormed away. Ace watched her go and sighed. The waiter walked up beside him.
‘What happened? You looked so happy together.’
‘We aren’t dating. I don’t even think we’re friends.’ Ace trudged home.

* * *

Scarlet kicked a rock. She knew it. She knew that he was one of Travis’s pals.
‘God damn moron.’ She muttered.