Monday, 2 September 2013

It's Coming.

It's coming and I'm more excited than I think I should be.

Most of you would know that I was born in a little town in Northern California, but I'll tell you guys a nice little thing.

I am so Australian. I talk like one. All of my ridiculous contractions. Things like shouldn't've. I say that. That's not me being a lazy typer, I actually speak like this.

I say "yeah, no", I know the right amount of Vegemite to put on my toast, I yell "Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi" like there's no tomorrow.

It's sickening, how patriotic I've been feeling lately.

It isn't, actually, that'd defeat the purpose, but the point is that I only just figured it out.

I love this time of year in Australia. I love Sydney. I love it to pieces. It's beautiful. Jacaranda trees and eucalyptus on every street.

It's the last week of August and it always is.

Everything gets a little bit warmer, and a soft breeze blows through everything. It carries the smell everywhere.

It's gorgeous.

Admittedly, during summer when that same breeze blows through it makes everything feel ridiculously sticky, but I think I can deal with that.

The thing is, with this smell everywhere, I've learnt to adore this time of year. It happened last year, too. However, the year before didn't have any such feeling, and I have realised why.

The smell makes me think about my old friend, Frog. It makes me feel like walking through North Sydney in shorts and a t-shirt and sandals. It makes me feel like writing. It makes me feel like running on grass until I can't breath anymore. It makes me feel like reading Skulduggery Pleasant.

It was this time of year about four years ago that I started reading SP. It was this time two years ago that I started reading Derek's blog. October 21st of 2011 I first spoke on the blog. I first spoke to Val. November 13th I made this blog and put up my first piece of writing.

These days are closing in on me. And Australia smells like it did then.

But, to conclude.

It's coming, and I'm so excited.

Summer is on it's way.


  1. Very, very nicely said.
    And your patriotism is sweet. Adorable even.

  2. That must be nice for you.

    Certainly sounds exciting.

  3. *grins* Who would've known we'd have become such good friends in less than two years, huh?

    For you its just becoming summer, and for me its just becoming autumn, and that's my favourite season because everything's just so colourful and the air is crisp and its just cold enough for a jacket. Funny how we would be getting gradually closer to our favourite seasons at the same time, even on opposite sides of the world.

  4. Hi-Five for Australia! Go patriotism and Vegemite!

  5. Hey bro, its me. Im in english right now, attempting to write a story on identity and it made me think of you and how great you are at writing. I havent checked your blog in forever so I did. Its so incredible and unbelievable that you still think about me. Im so touched that even though we havent seen or spoken for months you still think about me. Im trying really hard not to cry right now, coz that would look stupid in an english lesson. So thank you for remembering me, I think about u too and if you can, please email or call me, Id love to see you again. Frogxxx