Thursday, 2 May 2013


Well, I was just casually sitting on my laptop, aimlessly browsing the internet (mostly Tumblr, DeviantArt and YouTube, typically) casually complaining about how no one's updated their blog recently.

And then I realised that I haven't updated mine in, like, ages, so I felt guilty and ended up here.


I know I just had two weeks of holidays, but I literally had not written anything until this morning, except for a small fanfiction of a fanfiction that was inspired by a drabble I wrote a very long time ago.

( )

Confused yet?

But, I do have a leftover first sixth/fifth of the first chapter of the story I was writing last term, which I spent a lot of time building plot/character/setting/other incidental things such as this so there will be a bit more of that in time whether you like it or not.

I may have run into a problem though. My main protagonist plays a purposely small role for the better part of the beginning of the story, so I haven't been concentrating on her very much, and consequentially, another character has taken a more obvious lead role.



Anyway, here's a chunk of a bit of the first chapter- No, really, confused yet?- but before that, a link to the Prologue...

Ah, there, for all those who need their memories refreshed.

I, uh, also made a couple edits, and more edits to the prologue will come, but you shouldn't worry yourself with it unless you're all like: "OH! LOOK, SPARKY, YOU CONTRADICTED YOURSELF, THERE'S A MISTAKE!" Chances are I've gone back and re-edited so that everything suits me with each update.


Chapter One

Hunter crept down her staircase, at five in the morning; in her school uniform with her already packed schoolbag slung over her shoulder. Her favourite camera was hanging at her hip from the strap that ran diagonally across her chest and back. She carefully packed herself a lunch, tucked a water bottle into her bag side pocket and grabbed an apple and a muesli bar that she’d left on the counter the previous night. She then snuck out of her house, shutting the door behind her quietly. She pulled her phone out and started typing a text to her parents.
Just left, heading straight to school, I’ll let you know when I get there. Have a good day. –H
She then plugged her earphones and started her walk to school, making sure her camera was set so that she could take a picture the second she saw something worth taking a picture of. Hunter took pictures for the school newsletter, not that anyone ever read it. She also had a small blog set up of some of her better pictures and drawings, but she didn’t know any of the people who followed it. She glanced at the sky and noticed that it was going to rain at some point throughout the day, probably soon. She grumbled something about the only thing she left behind being an umbrella. She picked up her pace slightly, when that urge hit her. It always started with a tingle, in her fingertips. She needed to draw. But she was nowhere near school, or home. She decided to ignore it until she got to school. She assumed that her right hand always began to tingle first because she drew with her right hand, but as the tingle spread up her hand, she could feel the sensation start in her left. She picked up her pace slightly as her hands started to itch. She was tempted to simply sit on the sidewalk and draw there, but she knew that wasn’t an at all safe thing to do, so she stuffed her hands into her blazer pockets and continued walking at her just-too-fast pace.

By the time Hunter made it to school she had to clench her fists to keep them from shaking. She power-walked to her locker and unlocked it, after about seven tries. She shoved her bag in, hung her camera on the hook on the inside of the locker door, grabbed her pencil case and her sketchbook and slammed her locker shut and leaned against it as she started to draw. As she drew she quietly hissed a thanks to whichever god happened to be looking kindly upon her at the time, because there was no one around to see that display. As she was drawing, she didn’t notice a girl walk up and start watching her draw. When Hunter was finished, she finally noticed the girl standing in front of her and quickly shut the sketchbook, before she even really looked at the image.
‘Hey, Christa.’
‘I didn’t know you could draw.’ Christa replied. Hunter frowned slightly.
‘I didn’t know you enjoyed watching people draw.’
‘You’re so focused.’
‘Yeah, well… Don’t go raving. I don’t feel like being anyone’s artist.’ Hunter muttered. Christa nodded, slowly. She turned to walk away but looked back, before she left.
‘You’re really good.’ And with that, she walked off. Hunter watched her go, slotting the sketchbook back into her locker without looking at the drawing before she got her phone out to send a text to her parents.

Like, y'know, two paragraphs, but whatever. It exists.

And it's going to be very Hunter- centric this chapter. Lots of character jumping.



  1. How.Do.You.Write.So.Good?
    Good is an understatement.

    That's how people greet me when they see me drawing. It's annoying. I'm not good. I don't answer.
    Nice filler.

  2. Sweeeeeet.
    This is magnificent, as always.
    Awesome filler!

  3. Awesome writing, Sparky. :)

    I have that problem too with my story, the main protagonist(in some parts) has a secondary role compared to another. But I guess that's what happens when you have a group of protagonists, huh? And, as it is with groups, lots of character jumping. *nods*