Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Alright kiddies, story time!

Firstly, a teaser.

Sparky was walking down a backstreet in Sydney. It was late, it was dark and it was raining. She was talking to Echo Blood on her phone in her bag when she was grabbed. She dropped the phone and shocked the man by reflex, but he obviously had some sort of protective clothing on, due to his lack of response. He wasn’t the only one, though. Sparky fought back, but the man had to be at least twice her size. She felt her sleeve being pulled up and heard the hiss of a needle as he injected some sort of sedative into her arm. She bucked but her fight was going and her consciousness was slipping. Then man held her until she passed out, and then carried her away into an alley. And Echo heard every second of it on the phone. As Sparky was being dragged away, Echo was getting into her car, still listening to the call. She drove to where she knew Sparky walked home from work, and slowed so that she could scan the street. Through the rain she could see Sparky’s phone lighting up on the sidewalk. She parked and picked it up. When she sat back in her car she sighed. There was no way she’d be able to pursue the kidnapper now, she had barely been able to retrieve Sparky’s phone through the drumming of the rain. She ended the call on their phones and thought about what she should do next. Who could she call that would know who might’ve wanted Sparky for whatever reason. She scrolled through her contacts and dialled the number. It rang four times before she got an answer.
‘Who are you, why are you calling me at this ungodly hour of the morning and why is your number blocked?’
‘Hi Hayley, it’s Echo.’ Echo said. Hayley emitted a tired groan.
‘Hi. Why are you calling?’ before Echo could answer, Hayley spoke again. ‘Don’t tell me. Something’s happened to Sparky.’
‘Honestly,’ Echo heard Hayley stand up and pull on her leather jacket, ‘We need to lock that girl up.’



That's a fancy prologue you got there.

I've almost finished the first chapter.

What's that?

Sparky's actually taking the initiative to break a story up into specific part to make life easier for her readers?

What sorcery is this?

Calm yourselves, folks, this is a special case.


That is, unless it actually makes writing the story a bit easier, then... Well.

I'll keep writing in chapters, I suppose.

Let's see where this goes, shall we?