Friday, 2 August 2013

Next Saga of Braginski.

Sparky sat down and leant back in her chair, surveying her new office. She was taking a moment to indulge in her business, when there was a knock at her door.
“Come in!” The door creaked open and Hayley snuck in and leant over the front of her desk.
“I just wanted to ask about the name of the company again.”
“Skirmish & Co?”
“Yeah, it just seems a bit like I’m the head, which isn’t true, cause it was your idea and I don’t like offices.”
“Yeah, well, all of the other names involved give off a bad or directionless vibe. And if you put the names together it sounds bloody awful.”
“Braginski & Co?”
“Doesn’t give direction, like I said.”
“Blood & Co?”
“Echo didn’t want her name up there and it’s a bit foreboding.”
“Inferno & Co?”
“We aren’t all arsonists, Hayley. Not to mention, you have the longest standing professional work in your field and it gives a pretty basic explanation of what we do here.” Hayley leant against the wall and huffed in response.
“Right, a thief, a tracker, a thug-“
“I resent that.”
“And a trap and escape artist.”
“And an independent detective agency in literally the next building.”
“Acid and Áine will not join our company.” She said.
“Don’t bet on it.”

Expect follow up to this in future.

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