Wednesday, 26 June 2013

It feels like I haven't posted in a while.

So it's story time, naturally.

Sparky entered the Elders Chamber with what she considered to be an appropriate amount of tenacity. She was really only worried because of two things. The first being that she had never actually been called to talk to the Elders before this, only getting a small message of recognition whenever she effectively saved the world or brought in some magical crazy-face who had been terrorising the country. The second was that only a week prior to this meeting Elder Sassk had been… Forced to retire. This, in turn, had caused everyone around the Sanctuary to be quite high-strung of late. She shut the door behind her as quietly as she could and stood in front of the Grand Mage and his right hand Elder.
“You asked to see me?” Sparky said, trying with all her might to keep her voice steady. The Grand Mage nodded solemnly.
“Agent, it has come to our attention that you are a very reliable worker within the ranks of the Sanctuary.”
“Thank you, sir.”
“And, due to a recent spot opening up, higher up the ladder, I conferred with Elder Ramona, and we both decided that you would be the perfect person for the spot.”
“Basically, Grand Mage White and I have looked at your records and gained some references about you. There’s a general consensus among your peers that you have strong morals, you’re a good leader, you think laterally under pressure and you have a reputation for being merciless when your job calls for it.”
“And we would like to offer you the position of becoming the new Elder.”
“W-What?” Sparky squeaked. The Grand Mage winced ever so slightly.
“There is one small thing, though. On one of your earlier missions you we involved in a stake out to capture one Hayley Skirmish.” At the mention of Sparky’s best friend’s name, her stomach drop and her skin went cold.
“Oh god.” She thought.
“Since then, you have had countless opportunities to capture her, and refused, on the grounds that she is your… Closest friend.” The Grand Mage’s voice went hard. “We cannot let you have the position if you value your friendship with her over the safety of the country.” Instinctively, Sparky responded.
“She’s saved the world numerous times herself. Once with the aid of the Skeleton Detective and his assistant.”
“That is not the issue here, Agent. The issue is that she is on our wanted list and you drink coffee with her on your mornings off.” Elder Ramona snaps.
“Wait, are you trying to bribe me? With a job? Are you bribing me into selling out my best friend?”
“Those are not the words we’d choose to describe it-“
“But they are the right ones. I can’t believe I’m working for people as corrupt as that.” Sparky turned on her heel and started heading out.
“Please consider out offer more seriously, Agent. There are a lot of perks to being an Elder. You could even become Grand Mage one day.” The Elder said. Sparky stopped and looked back.
“Shove it up your ass. I quit.”

So, that was made for two reasons. One, I had the sudden urge to have Sparky stop working at the Sanctuary, and two, I've always found it hilarious that people though I would make a good Elder.

So that happened.

Oh, I've also been taking another look at my Left 4 Dead fan fiction, and made an executive decision about it. I'm currently re-writing it, but because that's BORING AS HELL I've chosen to write it as a series of one-shots. So, instead of having one long-ass story that has all the boring bits between things happening, it'll be a stack of bits that you won't get to read chronologically.

So, to start, I'm writing Steph meeting everyone she meets along the way, and from there various things will happen, but time skipping will be something you have to get used too.

And thus, posts with that particular fanfic will be the text itself, and then a small summary of where it sits between other events.

Expect that soonish, cause I'm on holidays and therefore bored as ever!


  1. I will never stop finding the concept of Elder Sparky hilarious.

    Time skipping should be no problem. Looking forward to reading some of that.

  2. Elder Sparky Braginski...
    ... I really find that thought amusing. You'd have to wear elder robes...

    ... Please write a FanFic where Sparx ends up an elder?:3

    As long as we get more of your writing to read, I am happy!:D

  3. Write more, Sparky! (Although, I could be saying that to myself, but still.)


    Also, good job not being an Elder. Authority is generally not something I can cooperate with.