Sunday, 14 October 2012


Why, hello there. I'm in English and I'm borrrrrrrrred. So bored. About to die, bored.

And then I realised, I haven't posted any rambles on here in ages so...

I'm going to ramble. Nothing fancy, I think. I just need something to ramble about.

Ah yes. School.

Some of you may have heard me groaning about a certain Geography assignment, which was completed in time. (Just!)

Uh... Other than that... This place is so boring. Just... Sooooooo boring. Or plain old crazy. every extreme, and no happy medium.

What a shame.

On the weekend I discovered an episode of Adventure Time.

Do any of you watch Adventure Time? You should. It's like the writer's are on drugs. It's freaking hilarious. But, anyway, I was looking at things on Fandombase, and I saw this picture of the characters from adventure Time, only with their genders reversed. And I freaked, googling things. Something like... "Fionna and Cake, Fionna and Cake, Fionna and Cake..." and I found it. Still haven't watched the episode, which I really need to get around to doing, but in the meantime I found a ship.


Which is Fionna x Marshall Lee, and it's amazing. Fionna being the equivalent of Finn, and Marshall Lee being Marceline. And, my good, it's amazing. Look at my iTouch photo gallery, it's virtually nothing but Fiolee pics. Well, I say that, but I mean large percentage are. I also have an over abundance of pictures of Link, Danny Phantom, Zuko, Aang, Legend of Korra, Zutara (FTW!!) and Iron Man, for some strange reason. Oh, and L4D. But that's to be expected. And, for your information, Batman at highschool is still my home screen background, of which i have had two in the year and a half of owning the device. The first picture was Canada. Caaanada. Who? What? I dunno. Whatever.

The lock screen has been three pics... the first was Russia. RUSSIA. Ivan Braginski. Or Braginsky, if you suck. Braginski allll the way.


It's getting hot again, here. And the humid heat is bringing back interesting memories. Like the first time I came on the blog, which will be one year ago in six days. It's amazing how much I've grown to love you guys in what's only just about to be a year. The remarkable affect you've had on me, too. I remember, the first person i spoke to was Val, who I called Val V at the time. Hey, Val V, how's it going?

I remember being the first person a Shadow9 talked to. I remember when that same Shadow9 thought I was avoiding her, but it turned out to be the fault of timezones. You wish, Lynxia.

I recall when I left for the first time, and being so happy to come back, that I couldn't even wait till I was in my house, I sat in the garage with my iTouch for twenty minutes, madly typing and refreshing and then typing again.

From that I distinctly remember Miss Cain welcoming me as if we had been friends forever, and looking at the screen funny, because I could not for the life of me ever remember talking to her.

I remember thinking that NegativeSanity was among the most annoying people I'd ever spoken to on the blog, but it's a good now, right Zath? By the way, a witch is clinging to your leg.

I can't remember the first time I spoke to Lu, but I do remember  when I realized her worth. There she was, Luciana on the blog, and I don't know what she said, or what she was doing, but I will never forget how amazing I thought, and still think, she is.

I think my favourite memory of the blog would have to be winning the character competition. It's arguably the best moment of my whole life, I cried I was so happy. And, even better, reading the comments and having everyone be so excited for me- I really have never been happier.

I love you all so much, and you're so much of my life, I don't know what I'd do without you.

I suppose, I should mention that I'll be on, on the 21st of October. It's a Sunday, here in Oz. I'll see you all then.


  1. You know what, Sparky? I'm good. How are YOU? We need to catch up with each other, I think, wouldn't you agree?

    I watch Adventure Time. A lot. The Nightosphere one is the BEST. Marceline and her fries... And the soul eating... It's expected that I would love that one. And I do.

    I remember when you won that competition. It was EPIC!

    I'll be sure to be on the 21st to talk to you!

  2. Posting in English? Wonderful.

    I refuse to watch Adventure Time. Just... No.
    Only kidding, I'll watch it someday.

    God, I was annoying. Remember when I started yelling at my past self over Steam? That was... actually really weird. Never mind.
    *desperately tries to ignore the Witch*

    Have fun on the 21st!

  3. I can't believe your English is boring!
    Ok well maybe it could be.

    In my English we're doing a film study on The Sixth Sense. Great movie.

    Anyway great to hear from you Sparky. If I've got time maybe I'll come on the blog on Sunday too. We'll see.
    Auf wiedersehen!

  4. I enjoy ENGLISH! :O But that is just humble me....

  5. Omfg.

    You're even more amazing than I had first thought.



    Also, i really want to kill you, right now. You made me cry. Omfg, you're perfect, ok? I love you! And I'm TOTALLY applying for that scholarship, now. That blog entry basically decided for me!<3

    OMG, YAY.

    and, I just remembered, was it that blog entry i made? About everyone in Bloglandddd. It could've been. Maybe...


    Sparky, you have this strange talent for making me hyper.


    And i apologize for any typos, i hate this phone!

  6. Me, Eve and Nix don't get a mention? So much for the REGS...

    1. Neither do I but I guess thats fair coz i don't really post very much.