Friday, 31 August 2012

HP Fan Fiction.

More story.

‘Phoebe, if you finished the M&M’s during that, god help you…’

As it got darker, we trooped up to the Great Hall and sat at our respective house tables. Liz and I sit next to each other and I hear a small commotion behind us at the Ravenclaw table.
'Belle! What have you done!?' a girl's voice shrieks. There's a crash muffled by the monotonous chatter of the hall. I twist and look, and see two identical twins, snarling at each other. They're even wearing them same clothes, which really isn't fair. The only difference in their appearance is that the one closest to me is slightly taller, and she has her hair in two low pigtails that come down in front of her shoulders. Her sister has her hair in pigtails that stick out either side of her head. Liz follows my gaze and sees the scene. She then frowns as though watching is causing her physical pain.
'Something wrong?' I ask. She nods, pouting.
'Looking at them hurts my head.' she moans. I laugh and return my attention to the siblings.
'Belle! Don't ignore me!' the taller one yells. She's obviously pounded her fist onto the table. The other one, Belle, is chewing her dinner as though nothing is wrong. What an odd pair. Belle finishes chewing and places her cutlery on her plate carefully.
'Daisy, you're making a scene. Sit down.'
'Belle! This is serious! Take me seriously! Take something seriously! Just this once!' Daisy shouted. Belle twisted in her seat and scowled up at her sister.
'Fire away.' there was a moment of pure silence between them and the people around them. Daisy gathered her thoughts.
‘Give it back.’ She croaked. Belle smiled.
‘Already have. Check you robe pocket.’
‘My…’ Daisy reached into her robe and emitted a sound of perfect balance between a squeal of joy and a grunt of rage. She pulled her wand out and slammed it onto the table.
‘Never again.’
‘No, Belle. Never. Again.’
‘Stop saying that.’
‘Okay.’ Belle smirks. Daisy growls in exasperation and sits again. I look back at my food.
‘Well. That was odd.’ Liz remarks. I grunt in agreement and we finish our food. We then walk up to the Gryffindor tower together and get ready for bed. I’m just about to start reading my book when I hear her sit up.
‘What is it?’ I ask.
‘Tomorrow’s Saturday.’ She says, simply. I hear her lie down again. I try to focus on my book, but eventually I give in and rest my head on my pillow. Saturday. Weekend. Yes.

I wake up and check the window next to my bed. It’s still dark out. Excellent. I get up and get dressed. I head down to the common room and sit by the fire for a few minutes, and then I head down to the Great Hall quietly. I check the house point’s jars on my way, in passing as usual, when I see a flicker of someone’s shadow exit the school. I frown. Who would be going out this early? I’m not even that mad. I follow quietly, trying to identify the figure. I follow him into the huge green expanse of the school grounds. Well, I think he’s a he. It’s still just a little too dark to tell. Whoever they are, they’re holding something. He sneaks behind a tree- Well, I say he sneaks, but he doesn’t think anyone is following him, so he’s walking normally, but still- and sits. He whispers something.
‘Lumos.’ A small bead of light emits from the tip of his wand. He set his wand on the ground and starts to scribble something into the notebook he was carrying. Peculiar. His spot is genius. I honestly wouldn’t know he was there if I hadn’t seen him sit. There’s a small cluster of trees in front of him. I double back and enter the cluster, trying to avoid losing where he’s sitting in the dark. I weave through the trees and end up almost directly in front of him, behind a tree. He keeps writing, and all that happens for a few minutes is him scribbling and me listening to the sound of his quill scratch against the parchment. Eventually he stops and sighs.
‘I know you’re there.’ He says. I’m sure it’s a he now. His voice is deep. I step out and see him properly.
‘Ah, Phoebe Carter. A pleasure, I’m sure.’ He says. I stand, stunned for a split second, and then I frown.
‘How do you know my name?’
‘We’ve been going to school together for six years.’
‘…No, I don’t remember you.’
‘I’m very forgettable. I’m still not sure if that is a curse, or a gift.’ He’s started writing again. ‘With any luck, you’ll remember me-‘ he says, not lifting his head, ‘or forget me.’ I sits cross-legged in front of him. His hair is long and black, and his skin is deathly pale. His eyes are green, and I’m sure if he had bothered to maintain eye contact with me for more than a second, they’d pierce into my mind.
‘Who are you, then?’
‘Jeremy Soft.’
'What year?'
'Sixth.' he replies. There's no emotion. I let that piece of information tick over in my head.
'Not possible.'
'Why is that?'
'Because, I must've had classes with you.'
'You have.'
'... But-'
'I'm a very forgettable person, Phoebe. And I suggest you do just that,' he looks up from his writing, finally, 'Because there is nothing hidden behind my eyes. Or my non-existent smile, for that matter.' he returns his attention to his work. That's it. Conversation over. I walk back up to the castle. There's more to that boy, I know it...

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  1. Bella? I thought her name was Belle.

    Cool story! Jeremy is creeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppyyyyyyyyyy! *eeire music*

  2. Write more of this! Like NOW!

    It's awesome.

    And I like this new Jeremy guy. He's cool

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