Sunday, 29 July 2012

Curse you, Miss Lost...

Sparky was getting a little sick of calling people, but she figured she could get a laugh out of it somehow. So as she dialled the number of Lynxia Lost, she thought about what she was going to say.
‘Lynxia Lost. I’m in a little bit of a hurry, so say what you need to and let me concentrate.’
‘Where are you?’
‘Liffey Bridge,’ there was an explosion behind her, ‘Who is this?’
‘The Liffey Bridge?’ Sparky said, nodding at Ivy. Ivy vanished. There was a cry through the phone, and Sparky disconnected the call as Ivy reappeared with a very disgruntled Lynxia.
'What the-' her eyes narrowed, 'Sparky?'
'... You died.'
'Then you're in a lot of trouble.'
‘Where am I?’ she asked.
‘Zathract’s house.’ Sparky answered. Her eyes widened.
‘In Sydney!?’ she nearly shouts. ‘I need to be on the Liffey Bridge, doing my job, now!’
‘Lynx I-‘
‘I don’t care! I was in the middle of a very important job, for a very important client!’ she held out her arm, ‘Ivy, take me back.’ Ivy looked at Sparky and Sparky nodded.
‘Okay, but, maybe when you’ve finished, if you could call?’ Sparky asked. Lynxia scowled at her, but nodded. Ivy grabbed her and they teleported away.

* * *

The two appeared on the roof of a building adjacent to the Bridge.
‘I thought it’d be easier from up here.’ Ivy said.
‘That’s an unusually nice thing for you to do.’ Lynxia replied, loading her bow and trying to see her target among the chaos that was erupting below them.
‘Sparky needs help. The faster you do this, the faster she doesn’t need help anymore.’ Ivy explained. Lynxia lifted her bow and shoot an arrow into the mess.
‘Got him. I’ll be right back.’ She shadow walked down to the body of the man she just took out, picked him up and shadow walked back. She dropped him on the ground unceremoniously and pulled her arrow out of his carcass. She then looked at Ivy.
‘You should go back. I still need to be payed.’ Lynxia said. Ivy nodded and vanished. Lynxia crouched and touched the dead mans chest, causing it to cave in for good measure. She then shadow-walked to the Irish Church of the Faceless.  She appeared in the centre of the main chamber and Prave stormed up to her.
‘I just cleaned the floors, heathen! Don’t let him bleed everywhere!’
‘Where’s Eliza?’
‘I don’t know! Move him!’ Prave screeched. Lynxia stood and towered over him.
‘Fine.’ She picked up the body and walked into Eliza’s little throne room. She dumped it on the floor and looked around. Eliza wasn’t there. She shrugged and draped herself across the throne. After a few minutes Eliza Scorn walked in and scowled.
‘Why are you…’ she trailed off when she saw the body.
‘Oh. Good job.’
‘Do I get paid?’
‘Of course. Get out of my seat.’ Eliza said. Lynxia stood and walked up to her. Eliza handed her a folder.
‘Your money and your next job are in there. You haven’t failed me yet, be sure not to now.’
‘Understood.’ Lynxia said, opening the folder. She took the money out, counted it and smiled. She then looked at the picture of her target and paled. Eliza saw and frowned.
‘Is there a problem?’ Eliza asked, sternly. Lynxia shook her head.
‘Not at all.’ She said, sliding the image of Sparky Braginski back into the folder.


  1. Wow.

    D'Arvit! I wish we never got homework at school, because you would be able to write more T.T

    Looking really amazing, can't wait to hear more!

  2. HAHA lol poor spark about to be killed :( mayb then she wont distract me in science. but who knows?! i cant see the future but mayb i should ask Finbar... oh well :] am i rambling SORRY ;] i get abit carried away sometimes.. but spark IM WATCHIN YOU :< btw wat happened today you and halely were like sad *shrugs* ohh well cya tomorrow ;)

    1. If you ever spell her name that horribly again, you'll be the one crying, understood?

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    3. IM SORRY IM MENTALY IMPAIRED i thought that after knowing me for 3 years YOU WOULD HAVE REALISED THIS!!!!! gosh spark and tomorrow i have a question 4 u. C: MWAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

  3. Oooooh... Very good, Master Wayne
    Am I going to make an appearance?

  4. Noooooooooo Lynxia! Don't kill Sparky! That's my job!

    ...I mean, did somebody say something about flowers? *stomps though a meadow, killing flowers and bunnies*

  5. This story is, as many would say, coolio. And can you please turn word verification off?

  6. Sparky! Why you no write more of this story?

    *blinks at her and pretends I wasn't talking like an idiot*


    Did you ever write any more of this?

    Else I'll throw virtual Skittles at you. *nods*